La Fundación Real Madrid y la Universidad Europea renuevan su alianza por el deporte educativo

The Real Madrid Foundation and the Universidad Europea have renewed their alliance for sport education

NEWS | 01/06/2021

The academic institution, a reference in education, will support the social sporting basketball schools.
The Real Madrid Foundation and the Universidad Europea have extended their collaboration agreement. At the event, which took place in the auditorium at Real Madrid City, were Enrique Sánchez, executive vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation; Miguel Carmelo, president and CEO of the Universidad Europea, and Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid.
The agreement of this educational sporting alliance promotes the sustainability of the social sporting basketball schools that the Foundation develops in Madrid. These social sporting projects guarantee access to basketball with values to more than 500 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 16.
The Universidad Europea has been working with the Foundation in various activities and projects for the last six seasons, supporting the sports physiotherapy programme for rare and neurological diseases, as well as the care of children at risk of exclusion who belong to the social sporting programmes at the University's polyclinic.

More than 500 children between 5 and 16 years of age will benefit from the programme.

For the past three seasons, the University has provided dedicated support to the Foundation's social sporting basketball schools in Madrid and, as part of the agreement, students from the University's Physical Activity and Sports Science degree can carry out internships in the Real Madrid Foundation's social sporting projects.

During the ceremony, Butragueño showed his satisfaction that "you are accompanying us on this beautiful journey, in the hope that we will be together for many more years working together on this project that aims to improve society". Miguel Carmelo pointed out: "There are three things we share: the conviction that education in sport are very important social drivers; the emphasis on young people as the driving force for change towards a better society and that we like to play and work as a team".