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La Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid–Universidad Europea y Global Sports Summit firman un acuerdo para promover los eSports

Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea and Global Sports Summit sign an agreement to promote eSports

NEWS | 07/05/2021

The two organisations will collaborate in teaching, education and research activities in the interactive sports sector.
The Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea and Global Esports Summit (GES), Europe's largest eSports and eSport Business event, run by Global Sport Entertainment, announced a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting eSports, a growing sector with more than 450 million followers worldwide.

The objective of the agreement is to develop channels for joint training, consultancy and research activities. As a result, both organisations are undertaking to jointly organise educational and training activities such as courses, congresses and seminars; carry out studies and research projects in areas of common interest; and provide advice to each other in their own respective areas of activity.

Marisa Sáenz: "It's a commitment to provide training for the future leaders of the sports industry"
Marisa Sáenz, Managing Director of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea, said: "This agreement represents the clear commitment by the School to innovation and to providing the future leaders of the sports industry with training as close as possible to the professional environment, allowing them to stay abreast of the latest trends in the sector. We're extremely pleased to be working hand in hand with Global Sports Summit, a pioneering company in the booming eSports sector".