Firma entre la fundación Real Madrid y EMT

Enrique Sánchez, Casillas and Borja Carabante sign the renewal of EMT agreement with the Foundation

NEWS | 20/04/2021

Madrid city buses will work together to publicise social initiatives.
The executive vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation, Enrique Sánchez, accompanied by the assistant general manager of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, welcomed Borja Carabante, president of Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid and delegate for the Environment and Mobility, and Alfonso Sánchez, managing director of EMT, to Real Madrid City this morning for the renewal of the collaboration between the two parties.
The signing of the agreement took place in the auditorium at Real Madrid City and during the event Iker Casillas thanked the EMT and said: "Its service during the months of the pandemic has always been there to help the public". Meanwhile, Borja Carabante said: "The aim is to help the most disadvantaged people socially, which will be reflected in awareness-raising, information and education through our 2,000 buses on the streets, which transport 1,600,000 people every day, and which are also a significant showcase for our collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation in making society a better place".
Promotion of socio-sporting initiatives
EMT's collaboration dates back to 2016 and enables the promotion of the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sports initiatives on Madrid's EMT buses and bus shelters.