Barça - Real Madrid

Laso: “We've put in a lot mentally”

NEWS | 11/04/2021

"I'm happy with the game and with the season on the whole, which has been magnificent", explained the coach after the win in the Clásico.
Pablo Laso gave his thoughts on Real Madrid's win in the Clásico at the Palau Blaugrana: "Congratulations to the team for the win. We put in a huge mental performance. We knew it wasn't going to be an easy game for us for many reasons. Coming in from a week with a final on Thursday, the team was very focused and concentrated on aspects that we had prepared in a short period of time, but which we carried out well".
"I'm going to have to watch the end calmly. Tristan's three-pointer was very important, so much so that we thought we had won it. But when you play against big teams you have to be focused for 40 minutes and that's when we made mistakes that allowed them to get into the game and take the lead. We reacted quickly with Laprovittola's last play and defend the last possession well".
Garuba and Tristan
"Usman Garuba and Tristan played well. I think they gave us a very important rotation when we were having the most problems with fouls, even in some decisive situations. I'm very happy for them. They are the two youngest pivots in a Clasico and that says a lot about them and the work done by Angulo and his youth team. I would also like to praise the rest of the teamwork that was key to be able to compete against a team like Barça".

"I want to highlight Garuba and Tristan's performance".

"I have a lot of confidence in them and know what they're capable of. I was convinced that Tristan's last three-pointer was going to go in. He has a long way to go but he's developing quickly, he's intelligent and has a good touch. Garuba is competing every day and is well liked in the team. They're both doing a great job".

Compliments for his team
"I'm happy. The team deserves respect. We've had a tough year but they've earned respect for their work. I watch them every day. I'm the one who appreciates and encourages them the most, but my duty is to get a little more out of them. I'm very happy with the performance and the whole season. It's been magnificent".

Playing against Barça
"It's very difficult to play the same way every day in basketball. No game is ever won or lost beforehand. You have to respect your opponents and we do that. Playing against Barça is difficult. They're one of the best in Europe. They've got great shooters and a lot of threats in attack, so it was important to lower their three-point percentage, but it would be an understatement to say that we won just because of that".

Morale-boosting win
"I'm pleased but I don't feel that by winning these last two games we're any better off. I always pay tribute when the team responds to any situation in a season. We've been able to stand up for ourselves and we've earned that respect and it's even better when you win on courts like Fenerbahçe or Barça, making them very important victories".