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Real Madrid - Barça

Laso: "We produced excellent performances in the previous two games but it wasn't possible today"

NEWS | 14/02/2021

"We didn't start the game well but we tried everything to close the gap on the scoreboard", explained Tavares.
Pablo Laso and Walter Tavares discussed the Copa del Rey final. The Real Madrid coach said: "I don't make comparisons with any team, I just think about my own team. We have to improve if we want to compete at the highest level. The team did a magnificent job on Thursday against Valencia and yesterday against Tenerife. Today against Barça it wasn't possible and credit to our opponents. We've got fitness problems but I hope the team will be able to recover".

"I always defend Garuba because he works hard and plays with incredible energy. That's the first thing you should ask of a player, that he gives everything physically to the service of the team. He will improve in other situations and I have no doubts about that. The work he puts in during the game, whether it's through effort or energy, he's always going to give you that. Today he gave us a lot of minutes of energy and I always appreciate what he gives us on the court".

Tavares: "We gave our all"
"What happened is that they didn't let us get into the game. Whenever we had chances to get close on the scoreboard they broke our rhythm with fouls and other things. We didn't start the game well but, little by little, we competed. We can't take on the whole world, we gave our best and that's it".

Keys moments
"We were just of the pace at the start. We tried everything we could to get there, but it's like I said, when we got close they broke our rhythm. In a final it doesn't matter what the result is against you, you have to fight until the end".