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Real Madrid - Athletic Club

Benzema: "We have to work hard and win big games like tonight’s"

NEWS | 15/12/2020 | Bárbara Jiménez

“We did exactly what the coach asked of us and we take a win which will help us continue to grow”, added Valverde.
Karim Benzema grabbed the headlines against Athletic after hitting a brace as Real Madrid secured a fourth win on the bounce. The Frenchman had the following to say at the full-time whistle: “It’s a result of our hard work. We've got to be patient because when we’re patient we’re a really strong side. It's about keeping cool heads, waiting for that first opportunity to come and putting it away. In terms of our fitness and mentally too, we're all in really good shape”.
“They played well and got men behind the ball, so it was a case of being patient and picking the spaces to go on and score. We've got that mentality and are capable of doing big things. There's no such thing as an easy game. Every day is tough here because we're the greatest club in the world. We have to work hard and win big games like tonight’s”.
Goal and back pass
“The goal came after a move that I really like. I enjoy getting on the ball and making myself available right across the pitch. It was a good one-touch move that ended in a goal”.

Benzema: "In terms of our fitness and mentally too, we're all in really good shape". 

“That touch with my back is all part of football, that's the way I see it. Sometimes when I get the chance to do it, I take it and it helps the team because we almost scored after that”.
Valverde: “The win will help us continue to grow”
“We came into the game on a positive run despite some tough clashes, just like today’s, and the team did a good job. We did what the coach asked of us and we took a win that will help us continue to grow. They defended very well and we had to be careful with the counter-attack because they had some really quick players up top”.

"The coach ironed out some things at half-time and after the break we managed to prevent that. They always say you have to start well in the first 15 minutes of each half and we struggled a bit but the team got the job done”.
The team
“We’re in good shape, when the team wins we’re happy and we all enjoy it. We’re a strong unit and when we lose, we all lose together. We have to remain motivated, happy and continue to enjoy our victories. We’re all fighting for the same goal. This crest means you have to go out to win every game”.