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Zidane: “We want the three points and we're going out to get them"

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NEWS | 02/11/2020 | Bárbara Jiménez

"Inter are a good, physical side that plays good football", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City after the last training session before the Real Madrid-Inter Milan game (Tuesday, 9pm CET). The French coach stated: "It's a side we know well. It'll be a difficult match because they're a good team, they’re physical and play good football. It's going to be another very difficult match. It's a final and we're going to approach it like that. Three important points are up for grabs and we're going to see if we can get them".
"It's a final here every day. We know that and we're focused on doing what we have to do. We want to come away with three points and we're going out to get them".
"Nothing has changed with him, we know how important a player he is for us and for our team. Every time he plays, he does well. We've got a lot of games and we'll call upon every player as always. That's the hardest thing for a coach, especially with a player like Luka, to choose when he plays and when he doesn't. Luka is very important for us with his energy and because of how much he has done for us. He will bring his positive energy to the team".
Hazard, Asensio and Benzema
"The players who are here always want to make history and that's the good thing, they always want more and to prove themselves. The three players are important, they're going to do important things with this team and they're already doing them. We've got a squad that could win a lot".
"There is always talk from the outside about what we have to change, but inside, at training with them every day you see that what they want is to compete, to play and to win, and that is good for the coach, who at the moment is me. I enjoy the day to day with them and we're going to try to achieve the objectives with the whole squad, which is a lot this year".

The players who're here always want to make history and that's the good thing.

"We always aspire to win everything that we're involved in, we always want to show that we’re good and that we want more. We know Eden as a player, we know his quality and we're going to get the best out of him. But every player contributes to win things".
The Champions League on your mind
"Everyone has their say. Last year we didn't win the Champions League and that changes things, but we always aim to win it. I have no doubt that the players have it in their minds. It’ll be difficult, we have to work hard to try to win it".

"I don't think about that, I think a positively and about the game tomorrow. We're lucky enough to play in a Champions League match and we're focusing on that. What we have to do is prepare well for the match and give our all".
Evenly matched Champions League
"Football in general is more evenly matched and there are no small teams. Football is becoming more and more difficult and beautiful and everyone can beat everyone nowadays and that's why we have to be happy every time we succeed. The other day we had a final against Huesca and we've got another tomorrow. We want to get the three points".
Strong group
"It is what it is, it's luck of the draw. All the groups are very good and competitive, ours too. Every match is hard to win and tomorrow we've got a home game we want to try to win, that's the way it is".
Relationship with Conte
"We're not in contact every day, it's true that we were when I was a player. It's natural that he went on to be a coach, I'm not surprised and the relationship is good. It's true that we don’t call each other and we're not in touch regularly lately. I remember that when I was training as a coach I went to Juventus and I was talking to him. I think I was with him for four or five years and our relationship is a good one".