Se retoman las actividades en las escuelas de fútbol de Egipto de la Fundación

The Foundation's football schools in Egypt are back in action

NEWS | 18/09/2020

The players have returned to training at two Cairo venues.
The Real Madrid Foundation football school in Egypt operated by Fame Academies is back to training at two Cairo venues: Platinum Club and Club 7 Maadi. With 40 players involved at each of the venues, they have six coaches prepared to guarantee the safety of the students who have come back excited to continue improving in their favourite sport.

These boys and girls aged between 5 and 17 are the first to return to their training sessions in person, but with the school year having just started this week, the number of pupils in the school is expected to increase. The intention is to reach last season's numbers, with 125 players per venue, and in turn to resume activities in two others that are still waiting to return to action.

Security measures
As with the rest of the Real Madrid Foundation's educational projects around the world, all activities are carried out in small groups following the requirements of the local health authorities. In this way, the sports improvement schools in Egypt join the schools in Singapore and Japan that have returned to their activities. The aim of these schools is to work on the technical-tactical improvement of the students and the teaching of positive values.