Pablo Laso

Laso: "The players know what it means to be at this club and it's all down to them"

NEWS | 15/09/2020

"We always try to be competitive and retain that ambition to improve", the coach told Realmadrid TV.
Pablo Laso was the special guest on the Real Madrid Conecta show and the coach, who has now guided the team to 20 trophies, reflected on the latest news from within the Whites' camp following last Sunday's Super Cup success against Barça: "It's a different trophy triumph, it was played behind closed doors, but we celebrated it in the same way. It's a really special moment. I'm lucky enough to be at a great club with great players".

"The work and the club's success begin from the moment a boy comes in at the age of 13 and the Real Madrid philosophy is instilled in them. We've always tried to be competitive and we know that it's very tough for players to last a long time at a top-level club like Reyes, Rudy, Carroll, Llull, etc. are. They're able to do it because they've always held the belief of wanting to be better. It's taken us a lot of work to maintain such a high and competitive standard".
Hunger for silverware
"It's all down to the players, who know what it means to be here and they want to show that they're great players. I was speaking to Thompkins and Randolph the other day and they had words of praise for Felipe Reyes. He sets the tone, the way we train, his relationship with others, with the new players, etc. It's the team's philosophy and whoever comes in has to adapt to it".


"When we think about bringing new players in, we don't just focus on the player, we look at ensuring it's someone who has the ability to want to continue to improve, be better and competitive and they also have to fit in. That's part of the team's growth".
Bond with the fans
"When I was a child, I watched all of the Christmas tournaments. I also went to the training ground and admired Real Madrid. I've always believed that Real Madrid had to have that bond with those who want to see a certain style of play. It's important that a fan is able to identify with the team. I'm not one of those people who think that winning is the only way to feel proud of your team. That style or playing system is what the people really appreciate. The players have managed to achieve that with the fans, who have likely brought us so much success".
"Many of the players who have come up from the academy, thanks to Angulo and the coaches, have been shown the way and know about Real Madrid's values. They've got the first team to look up to and feel a part of it. Doncic's case is a special one, but there have been many players who have been capable of having their chance in the first team. I demand just the same from a 17-year-old as I do Felipe Reyes. It's a must in my team that all of the players want to maintain that ambition to become better". 
"We've got a game on Saturday and have the time to prepare for the match. But we've then got games every three days. The team's growth and daily improvement is what'll make us competitive. We've got a really demanding and long season ahead of us and that's why we've got depth in the roster, which we can build on further with our work with the young players. Such a demanding calendar forces us to push ourselves to the limit".