Laso y Reyes

Laso: "We're all looking forward to playing"

NEWS | 17/06/2020

"The level we're showing in training is high", said Reyes.
Pablo Laso and Felipe Reyes spoke to the media during a virtual press conference, the day before the first match of the final phase of the Endesa League. The coach said: "I think the name says it quite clearly: this is an exceptional finals. I've never competed in a tournament like this before. The most tangible similarity would be a summer team competition, a World Cup, a European Championship or an Olympic Games, where in a short time you have to play matches and compete for a championship. The effort of the ACB and of everyone has been wonderful so that basketball can be resumed. I'm only thinking about my team going in to it in the best possible condition".

"It's been a difficult situation, difficult for everyone. From my position here, Iwould ike to remember the families who have suffered during this time. From there, this return to normality for us is to do our job again, which is to play basketball and help the fans enjoy it. In the time we've been training, it looks to me like the team has worked well and we go into the tournament with the uncertainty that a lot of the boys have been doing nothing, outside of a routine, but as a coach I only have good words for them. We're all looking forward to starting to play again. I'm relaxed and happy with the work the boys are putting in at this time".

Those selected for the opening game
"By regulation we have time until tomorrow. There's some enofrced changes, like Mejri's exit, and Randolph's coming in. Tomorrow at the last minute we'll decide which 12 will play. We have three non-EU nationals and one will be left out. Someone might get hurt today or wake up with a fever. It's a special tournament where we're going to have to compete every 48 hours.

Playing without fans 
"Its really different if you play without fans present. As athletes, we play for the fans and it's a bit different. Will it penalize Valencia? I could tell you that by the same token it penalizes us, Barcelona and Burgos. We all go out with the same weapons".


"We've had to make a physical adjustment. Some of them have come back in good shape. Others have recovered from injuries, we've been adapting the work to the team. We started with the physical side, we've been increasing the work on the court and above all not thinking much about the opponents because the last game was on March 8. The only thing I'm focusing on is making sure my team is right".
Reyes: "The goal is to win the title"
"I would like to remember those who died from coronavirus and send a message of strength and encouragement to all those who have suffered. I'm looking forward to a good end to the season. Having a good finals and fighting for the League. The goal is to win the title and we're going to do everything we can to do that. We've been working for a while since we've been back in training and we've come at a good time".
Physical state
"I think we're coming into it at a good time in terms of our physical state. When we start competing, we'll really see what level we're at. In March we were fine even though we had injured players and now we've got those players back, except Mejri who is still injured. Tomorrow, after playing against Gran Canaria, we'll know exactly what level we're at. We've trained well and the level we're showing in training is high, but we've not had the chance to compete against other teams".
"It's been like a preseason for us. We'd been at home for two months, we were able to train, but in the end we had to start from scratch. We played the last Euroleague match without a crowd, it's something we don't like, but it's the way it is and we have to respect it. When you're a player, what you like is to feel the support of your fans and when you play on the road the pressure that the crowd puts on you. We're ready for it".