Nuevos contenidos telemáticos para los proyectos de la Fundación

New online content for Foundation's projects

NEWS | 16/06/2020

Over 1,000 projects and activities are starting to once again become in-person events, alongside the online provision.
The Real Madrid Foundation's Training Department has put in extra effort and adapted to the circumstances imposed by lockdown in record time to cater for all of the coaches and educators involved in the Foundation's socio-sporting projects and the more than 100,000 beneficiaries that the Whites' institution works with in over 80 countries. The content produced by the Training Department features in the Guía de Asesoramiento de actividades lúdico-educativas (Advice guide to fun-educational activities), which includes new theoretical and practical content for the various stakeholders, particularly aimed at training in the values of sport for children aged between five and 17.
The Foundation's Training Department will gradually add to the online tools and platforms to train up the coaches across the world as a part of the return to normality. In some countries, in-person socio-sporting activities are being resumed, whilst in others there are restrictions regarding the practice of sport in groups. As a result, the exercises have been adapted so that they can be carried out both at home or in reduced spaces, as well as outdoors.

The Training Department is able to prepare content of varying levels thanks to the multi-channel tools.

Through videos and presentations, the Foundation's trainers offer ideas for games designed especially for this purpose and which are adapted to the various age ranges, whilst always promoting the social values that are promoted by the Real Madrid Foundation: motivation to put in effort and self-improvement, respect, responsible self-esteem, camaraderie and teamwork, the creation of healthy habits, committed autonomy, equality and solidarity. The new guide features the use of household items to carry out exercises, for example, using rolled-up socks as a ball; bottles or bricks that act as cones and the bin or the clothes basket as a basket. This allows for an area of play to be created that enables users to combine sport and values without leaving their homes.

Multi-channel tools
Meanwhile, in terms of online training, the Training Department is preparing content for different levels thanks to multi-channel tools to pursue the continuous training of the coaches around the world to overcome the difficulties and restrictions involved in travelling to give the training courses.