Semana Blanca UEM. Llull

LLull: "Values like sacrifice, hard work and never giving up are linked to the history of Real Madrid"

NEWS | 20/05/2020

The Menorcan took part in the third day of the White Week of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea Semana Blanca.
Sergio Llull was one of the main speakers on the third day of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea Semana Blanca. In a video conference moderated by Emilio Butragueño, the player highlighted the values of Real Madrid: "Representing this institution is a very big responsibility. It is the best club in the world and you have to act accordingly. Values such as effort, daily work, sacrifice, team spirit and never giving up are linked to the history of Real Madrid. When you are a top-level sportsman, you have to be clear about the example you have to set for young people".
"When you're little you dream of wearing this jersey, but then reality overcomes all those dreams. Behind it there is a lot of effort, sacrifice and hours of training. I continue to live out my dream of wearing the Real Madrid jersey".
Best moments
"I've had some really good times wearing this jersey. The Copa del Rey in Malaga with my last shot, the day I signed up... But I would stick with the Euroleague that we won in Madrid because it was a very sought-after trophy that had eluded us in previous years. To be able to win that title in front of our fans in the Palacio that was full of fans is unforgettable. It was also a very special moment when I returned from injury because I felt like a player again and because of the ovation from the fans".
The locker room
"I think that when a team works very well on the court it's because there's a group of people on the outside who make it possible. All that good atmosphere is reflected on the pitch and makes us play our best to celebrate titles together. It's essential to put the benefit of the team before the personnel. We have players of great quality but they all know their role and what they have to do to make the team work". 

I've always tried to work my way up in this great club.

"When I was a kid I used to watch Real Madrid games on TV and it was my dream to play here. I was able to accomplish it and I still do. The NBA is the best league in the world, but you have to weigh the pros and cons and for me wearing this Jersey only has pros. I'm very comfortable, we are in a winning dynamic and I hope I can continue for many more years".
Club legend
"I couldn't imagine what I've accomplished in my wildest dreams. I've always tried to work my way up to the top of my game, focusing on the day-to-day, so that I can grow little by little in this great club. What the fans of Real Madrid identify with the most is a player who gives everything, who never gives up and tries until the end. That's what I try to do".
"When you win titles and feel that sense of a job well done, you want to do it again. You try to do your best to keep winning titles and celebrate with this great set of fans. What I like most about sport is winning and you feel very proud when you do. Real Madrid is the best club, the level of demand is very high and you can never be satisfied with what you've achieved. You have to try to reach every final and win them".
Last speech of the day
The third day of Semana Blanca, May 18-21, concluded with a speech by Charlie Stillitano, co-founder and president of Relevent Sports Group.