El proyecto de la Fundación en Líbano continúa atendiendo a los menores refugiados sirios

The Foundation's project in Lebanon continues to serve Syrian refugee children

NEWS | 17/03/2020

More than 300 children are benefiting from football, basketball and values in this collaboration with Project Fratelli.
The Real Madrid Foundation’s social-sports project in the Lebanese city of Rmeileh continues its football and basketball activity to provide care for more than 300 children who have been refugees from the war in Syria. The project began in November 2018, as part of an integral intervention called Fratelli, created by the NGOs PROYDE and SED with the aim of providing these minors, who are in a situation of maximum vulnerability, with the necessary tools to reach the required level and enter the public schools in the Lebanese system.
As these are socio-sports activities of education in values through outdoor sports, the activities continue despite the closure of schools in the country. In this second season, the social partner has analyzed the impact of the socio-educational activity on the youngsters, considering the group, individual and team results. In his report, he highlights: "This is a very vulnerable population, with traumatic experiences and who, after moving from their country, Syria, try to integrate into the host country while looking for alternatives. Sport is a natural and attractive gateway to the lives of these children and young people. According to Ms. Fratelli's report, "Holding a ball and running after it is an experience they have not been able to enjoy many times".

The project was launched in 2018 and is in its second season.

The promotion of sport as a socio-educational tool for integration, developed by the Real Madrid Foundation through Fratelli, has allowed us to connect with groups such as the Zahrani Shelter (a shantytown next to a river of sewage) to get to know them, motivate them, structure them and momentarily remove them from that environment. The social and sports activities are thus extended to minors without socio-educational alternatives who, thanks to the project, have formed a team and become disciplined in order to participate in the weekly training and sessions".
The importance of sport
The analysis highlights that in this second season of intervention, individualism has been overcome, which was very pronounced at the beginning; learning to respect team rules, to integrate the scoring system with socio-educational incentives and not only goals. The integration of boys and girls has also been encouraged through mixed teams and the commitment to hygiene, cleanliness and care of the environment, as well as respect for the material. As in other projects and socio-sports schools, the local partner implementing the project on the ground stresses the importance that "the children have experienced enthusiasm and emotion, and that is important for people who have suffered trauma and difficulties. Sport is an activity that greatly favours resilience".