Entrevista a Garuba

Garuba: "If you're the hardest worker every day, you can achieve what you want"

NEWS | 09/03/2020

"My aim is always to offer the team greater energy", the youth-team product told Realmadrid TV on the day of his 18th birthday.
Usman Garuba today celebrates his 18th birthday. Having now entered adulthood, the youth-team graduate is currently in his first season as a member of the basketball first team, with whom he has already captured the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey. The center sat down with Realmadrid TV to reflect on the latest from within the Whites' camp and his own short- and long-term targets: "I'd like to win everything going with Real Madrid. I thank all of the madridistas for their support and we're going to keep on working hard to try and win more trophies".

"Given that I'm a youngster, my aim is always to bring greater energy. That's the target I've set myself with the first team. There's still a long way to go this season and we're working as hard as we can to head into the most important stage of the season in the best shape possible".

Playing for Real Madrid
"The best thing is how easy the club makes everything and the good atmosphere around the place. The most special trophy I've won to date is the Copa del Rey in Málaga".

Secret to success
"I don't stop to think about what I'm experiencing, I just let things flow. I don't let the comments influence me, either in a positive or negative way. I know the work I put and am aware that you can perform well on one day and do poorly the next. The secret is to work hard. You need to be the hardest worker day in, day out and that's how to achieve what you want, and the targets you set".

I don't stop to think about what I'm experiencing, I just let things flow.

"The old Usman hasn't changed all that much compared to who I am now. The important thing is not to change. The key moment was in the summer of 17 when I had an operation of my meniscus. I was out of action for the whole summer and that gave me the time to think about things and I set myself the target of training harder than ever and being the hardest worker. From then on, everything has gone well".

"I was a bit down because I missed that summer and I wasn't able to join up with the Spanish national youth teams. At the end of that summer, I spent pre-season with the first team and that was a source of motivation for me. Both my family, the physios and the doctors helped me a lot. It's thanks to them that I was able to recover and come back in perfect shape".

Winning genes
"It's just natural. From a young age, it's something I've always had. I've never enjoyed losing and have always been a player who likes to win, regardless of how I play. My dad instilled that desire to give my all on the court and at all times".