Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "It's a tough game and we'll have to give our all to win it"

NEWS | 07/03/2020 | Javier Vázquez

"Betis are a good side and we'll have to really perform, both in physical and technical terms", admitted the boss.
Zinedine Zidane addressed the press gathered in the media room at Real Madrid City, where he previewed Sunday's meeting with Betis (9pm CET) in the following terms: "We know just what a tough prospect it is, it's a difficult game and a tough place to go. Betis are doing very well. They've struggled for results, but they're a good side. It'll be a physical contest, but we're also going to have to really be on our game in terms of the technical side of things".

"It's an important match for us, just as it is for them. They'll be trying to put in a good performance, just as we will. We'll prepare for it as best we can and give our all out there tomorrow".

118-year history
"I'm lucky enough to be experiencing it here. Football has always been my passion and I'm doing what I enjoy most in life, along with my family. I'm proud to be part of this club and I make the most of every minute I'm given by this club and this team. The players are part of this history and everyday they write a new chapter. I'm proud".

La Liga
"We try to give our all every day on the pitch and sometimes things don't go for you. The players always want to play well and win. You get your tough times and that's when we have to see the team shine through. The important thing is to try and respond and make sure the bad patch passes quickly. The players try to give their all on the pitch and, if they do that, we've got a very good chance of achieving a good result. At the end of the LaLiga season there's one team that wins it and what about the rest of the teams, are they poor sides? I don't think so. We know the club we're at, the history of this club is all about giving your all and if we do so, we'll be in with a chance".

Bale & Vinicius Jr.
Nobody here is above anyone else. I tell my players that they're all important, that's what I believe. You can have your opinion and say that one player did more than another. What we have to do is be ready, be focused and that benefits all of the players. I think that's what everyone tries to do and then I'm the one who has to make the decisions. I know how the players think and they always want to play. The most important thing is that the players make a contribution".

"A lot is said about Marcelo, sometimes it's positive other times it's negative. We know what he can offer, he's an extremely important member of the squad and I was delighted with his performance the other day. All of the players have to continue on in this vein, keep doing well and give their all because, when you look at the quality we've got, things end up working out".

"He has to be ready, just like the rest of them. When you've got a squad with so many talented players, it's tough to leave players out each week. They all have to be ready and deliver when called upon".

This club's history is all about giving your all and, if we do that, we're in with a chance of winning.

"For me, the important thing is what I do every day. I feel as if I've got the club's backing, there's no doubt about that, and everyone who works here is all pulling in the same direction. I'm well aware of how things work. I'm currently the Real Madrid coach, but that could change tomorrow".

Rumours about his future
"No. What's more, I'm on my own, that's what I was saying before. It's a real joy to be experiencing what I am with my players and I make the most of it every day. I haven't been contacted or anything. You know that a lot is said about the players and myself away from here".

Message to the team
"Everyone acts according to what they're like. The most important thing is to show who you are. Some of them are tougher, others less so. The important thing is what you are like on the inside and everyone acts according to what they're like on the inside, because if you try and be someone else, it makes things difficult".

"I spoke to him after he suffered the injury and also after the operation to see how he was. He was really down immediately after it, but the operation went well and he's now feeling a bit brighter in himself. Let's hope that he's back with us soon. He's feeling fine. The operation went really well, just as the surgeon planned it. He's happy that the operation went fine and I can't say anything about how long it'll be. I don't know whether he'll be back before the end of the season. I'm looking forward to seeing him and I hope he's got a chance of playing for us before the season is up".

"There are a lot of people telling us what we need to do and we place our trust in those who know about it. That's all I can say on it. The instructions are things that you too can tell your son, like how to wash your hands. It's pretty negative, there's no denying that. Unfortunately it's a virus that's around at the moment, people are scared of it, we don't know exactly what's going on and that's why it's important to have information from the doctors and people in the know. Knowing that at some point we won't play a game isn't good because we'll have prepared for it. We're seeing it in France and Italy and it could happen in Spain. We have to do what we're being told".

The press & Eder Sarabia
"Everyone does their job and tries to do it well. At the end of the day, everyone's entitled to their opinion on certain things. When the game kicks off, we can't control the tension an individual feels. Everyone's got their job and that's all there is to it. I'm not going to say whether something's right or wrong because everyone experiences things in their own way. I'm not saying if it's right or not. Everyone acts as they see fit, I've got enough to worry about with my own job. You react to things on the pitch and everyone can have their opinion, that's all there is to it".