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Real Madrid Next

Real Madrid Next, innovation and future for Real Madrid


NEWS | 16/01/2020

Activities will start in the area of e-health with the first Congress of Medicine and Science applied to Sport in March 2020.
Real Madrid C. F., with the aim of remaining sports industry leaders as well as social and economic leaders, have launched Real Madrid Next.
Real Madrid Next is the new brand for innovation at Real Madrid, with the collaboration of start-ups and companies looking for better performance, features and sporting and economic strength of Real Madrid, as well as making the most of what those involved with the club have to offer.
Real Madrid Next will look at six key areas: e-health, performance, fan engagement, audio-visual content generation, cybersecurity and technological and social infrastructures. We look for excellence and the best technological advances possible, which helps to create our own, exclusive tools adapted to our way of working. We want better results in every area of the club and in particular, the sporting area, digital transformation and globalisation of the entire organisation.
Real Madrid Next will start its activities in the area of e-health with the I Congress of Medicine and Science applied to Sport in March 2020. It will be an event where key global experts in sports medicine, as well as people from institutions, industries, sports entities and top level universities associated with the sector will all feature.