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Real Madrid Conecta, estreno en Realmadrid TV

Laso: "I'm lucky enough to do what I enjoy at the best club in the world"

NEWS | 21/10/2019

"The whole club has really supported me so that the results of that work could be seen", explained the coach in a interview on the first edition of  Realmadrid TV's 
Real Madrid Conecta show.
Pablo Laso reflected on his tenure as Whites' coach in the maiden edition of Realmadrid TV's Real Madrid Conecta, with the madridista coach explaining: "My time at Real Madrid has been very satisfying. Every day I'm lucky enough to do what I enjoy at the best club in the world. That's priceless. When you do something that you enjoy, time flies, but I've also had some long and tough days. I've really enjoyed myself in these eight years and a bit that I've been the club's coach".

"Joining Real Madrid was a difficult and an easy decision. When Real Madrid comes calling, there aren't many question marks. It changed my life. I'd been coaching in San Sebastián for four years. I was lucky that all of my family were excited at the prospect of me coaching Real Madrid. Coaching the team means a lot and it was a great opportunity. I'm lucky enough to have some great players. It was an opportunity for me to develop as a coach".

Day of unveiling
"This club really tires you out. I don't know if it's the number of games I've been here, but it's not only the games but the training sessions too. I rremember that day with great excitement. The idea was to change things and instil a new idea of basketball. It has involved a lot of effort and hard work but I think that the madridistas appreciate that. I've been lucky enough to have a great group to work with. The whole club has really supported me so that the results of that work could be seen". 

Reyes, Llull, Carroll and Rudy
"When you've been here for so long, you remember the telling-offs but also just how much they've given you. It's virtually like a father-son relationship. They're four players who'll go down in the club's history books. They're really important in terms of what the idea of the project was. Reyes conveys what madridismo is all about: spirit and daily work. He's the captain, the icon of the team. Llull is the heart and soul and that says it all. Rudy, the talent. He's the difference-maker and Carroll is the executor. I feel really proud to be their coach".

Our locker room makes every new player feel like one of the team.

"I can't force my players to be friends. I've got a locker room with different nationalities, religions and ages... But our locker room makes every new player feel like one of the team. I try to place importance on that respect for each other within our rules. That really helps you out on court. The work from the players who've been here at the club for a long time has been magnificient with the new players and in terms of the dynamic within the group".

"I was lucky enough to play under him at Real Madrid for two years. We had a great team and he conveyed a philsophy and playing style that I really felt at home with. The team came above everything else and he tried to instil that right from the get-go. I've got massive respect for him and I had two great years with him. I learned a great deal".

"He was a special player for us, both for me and all of the madridistas. He came here at the age of 13 and it's as if I can see him now... The coaches he's had and the work done has been incredible. He's a talented lad and it makes me proud to have been able to help him improve. When he went to the NBA I knew that he'd do incredibly well because he's got a great ability to adapt to everything, given his quality and mentality. The fact that he's grateful says a lot about him as a person".