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Zidane: “We go in to the derby in good form"

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NEWS | 27/09/2019 | Javier García

"We come up against a very good opponent that is going to cause us problems, but we will cause them problems too", he added.
Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City after directing the last pre-derby training session. The coach analysed the visit to Atlético: “We’re in good shape and i’m sure they are too. It’ll be a good match. The only thing that interests us about this match is there are three points at stake”.
“We have a match in which we want to win. We will do everything to try to get the three points, the way we go about our thing doesn’t change. We know the difficulties we will have against a very good opponent, but they will have them too”.
His derbies
“We always have the responsibility, as a player and as a coach. The people who work here always have responsibility for this great club. Now I’m experiencing it as a coach. We know what we have to do and we are prepared for the match. It's another league match, with three points at stake”.
“I’m not worried about anything. We’re prepared to put in a big performance. We will have to put in a lot of things, not just intensity. I’m not thinking about the negatives, just about a big game tomorrow. If we are in the match from the first to the last minute we will do well”.
“There are many things, in a ninety-minute game everything can happen. We have to have a cool head and think about what we have to do. Atlético are a difficult opponent that have a lot of weapons, but what interests me is what we are going to do”.
“We are all in the same boat here. I have 25 players and I will count on everyone. The only thing I want is for everyone to be prepared. I have to choose and I will select my 11. I would have liked to play with 25 but you still can't”.
Would any Atlético player have a place in Madrid?
“It was the same question two years ago. I will not go into that sort of thing. I have the best players and I’m only thinking about them, but I respect the others”.
“We know what we want to do with him. Today he trained with Castilla and tomorrow he will play with them. He’s a first team player, I’m happy for what happened the other day, but we will take it easy. The decision had been made before. Tomorrow he will play for Castilla and he is delighted”.
“We know the player we have. At any time he will respond. He did in Seville. Of course, everyone expects more from him and he knows. We are with him and he is with us. You have to go game by game because he will surely be the player we want him to be”.


“This type of player is prepared for these matches. I have no doubt about Hazard or the rest of the players. We’re thinking about outing in a great performance, we know that it will be difficult and that we will have to do things right from the first minute to the last. We need to be prepared".
Atlético, the team of the people
“I don’t get into these things. Here people get up early and work hard. It’s the same for everyone. I’m not going to be able to change the fact that people say that this club is rich and Atlético is the team of the people. Real Madrid wants to be proud of its players and that is what we’re going to try to do”.
The pre-season friendly
"It has nothing to do with this. We haven’t seen anything”.
Marcelo, Modric and Isco’s recovery
“Tomorrow you will see. They are all better, it’s good news. We’ll see how we manage it. The three have trained with us”.
Lucas Vázquez
"He looks in great form to me, that’s for sure".
Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr.
“They’re completely different, but both are good. They play differently. They want to progress and improve. They are very young".
Clashes against Simeone
“Everyone plays their part. He does his thing and I do mine. As you say, he studies the opponents a lot, but everyone else does, each in their own way. Tomorrow is a match between Real Madrid and Atlético”.
Benzema and Casemiro
“You ask me about two players but what interests me is the group. Karim is important for the team, not just for his goals. Casemiro gives a lot of balance, but not only that. Everyone contributes something to the team in their own way on the field”.