Fundación Real Madrid. Centros penitenciarios, objeto de estudio acaémico.

The Foundation's program in prisons, object of academic study

NEWS | 02/08/2019

A survey of 309 inmates of the 21 prisons where socio-sports basketball activities are carried out was conducted.
The Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sports program in prisons has been the object of study by the Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology. The article Evaluation of a sports program oriented to the promotion of values ​​in Spanish prisons collects the results of a study carried out by the Foundation's training group, whose objective was to know the degree of satisfaction of the inmates of the prisons with the socio-sports basketball program and their perceptions about the influence of this program on life in the centre and its social reintegration. 309 inmates from the 21 prisons where the Real Madrid Foundation develops its activity nationwide were surveyed.
Currently, the practice of physical activity and sport has become part of the prison world as an important right for inmates. Therefore, it is necessary to continue developing social programs of these characteristics that support and develop values ​​as part of the integral development of the person in this type of context. The results of the study show that the project For a REAL Education: Values ​​and Sport has had a favourable influence on training as a person and prison life.
Collaboration in prisons
Work in prisons is one of the oldest lines of activity for the Real Madrid Foundation and is developed, since its inception, in collaboration with the Father Garralda-Open Horizons Foundation and the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions of the Ministry of Interior.