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Barcelona Lassa - Real Madrid

Laso: “This team showed incredible heart”

NEWS | 21/06/2019

“It was a gruelling final”, admitted the Real Madrid coach.
Pablo Laso showed his satisfaction at winning the league title at the Palau: “I am so happy for the team, they deserve it, it was a gruelling final. The team did so well over the season by going through their best moments and showing that, Players kept stepping up and that shows the team's character. I am really proud of the team's efforts”.

“It was an incredible season. We had some hard moments but ending the season with a win makes it worth it. The heart they have shown over 10 months has been incredible, they were always ready. They alwats stepped up and won on the final day in a game which we generally controlled well”.

The rivals
“Barcelona are a tough team to face. In other areas of the game, we were not so sure about what to do. We feel we won the first match well and in the third we could have done similarly. The second, which was the hardest because we went behind, we ended up winning."
"Finishing the season with a trophy is the reward for a gruelling and stressful job, it shows the hard work of these players and how they have gone on to play so many games at such a high level of intensity."

We won nearly 80% of our games this season.

"Our defensive efforts in terms of keeping the faith and believing in what we do as a team made us put in a great basketball performance, it was a difficult physical situation at this time in the season."

17 titles as coach
"All the titles are crucial. I think they are all very important. For me, that first one in Sant Jordi against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey was so important, it made us believe, but they all have a certain importance, it makes us realise how proud we should feel of our work”.

“There was hard work but I need the players to understand the situations. We won nearly 80% of our games this season. A club like Real Madrid needs their fans to feel proud. You have to lay your life on the line, win lose or draw. You have good and bad moments but we have a clear idea of things that has developed over time and I am so proud”.