Conferencia de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "We must be motivated if we're to finish as high up as possible"

NEWS | 14/04/2019 | Javier García

"Leganés are having a good season and we'll have to perform really well if we're to beat them", added Zidane.
Zinedine Zidane took to the media room at Real Madrid City after overseeing his side's final training session ahead of Monday night's trip to Butarque (9pm CET), with the boss previewing the clash against Leganés in the following terms: "I'm expecting to see opponents that are keen to beat Madrid and a motivated and aggressive side because they're having a good season. They're playing some good stuff, they're not just all about aggression and defensive solidity. I'm expecting to see the best of Leganés tomorrow night, that's why we're going to have to perform very well if we're to get the points".

"The good thing is that nobody looks to hide here, they all want to play and are training really well. All of them have been available this week, barring the two or three injured players. Although it's not easy, we have to show our motivation, not to win any silverware, but to finish second because that can alter a lot of things".

"We've had a very long week, with a lot of training sessions and it has been a good week. We've made the most of things to work on the players' fitness, when you get a week like that it gives you the time to work and we've done well. On the other hand, when you've got three games in the space of a week, you get no chance to work on things. Many teams have played on Mondays and now it's our turn.

Kroos's fitness
Kroos has a touch of gastroenteritis. He had a bad night, he didn't come to training today and we'll have to see how things progress between today and tomorrow, but he wasn't well enough to come in today".

Benzema can play alongside anyone else, because good players can play together. Karim is a different kind of player, he's not your traditional No.9. He started out more centrally and is capable of doing a lot of things. He's able to get you goals as a No.9 and also link up with a number of other players".

Marcos Llorente
"We'll see what happens next season. I've known him for a long time, we were together at Castilla and he's improving all the time. The only thing that he needs is to play more because that'll do him good. I remember that when he played regularly at Alavés he had a superb season".

"I expect the same from him as I do all of the others. We've got seven games to go and we'll make changes to the line-up and I'm counting on him. We're setting up in different ways and that's all there is to it".

Courtois injury
"He's not feeling right, it's not just one bit of discomfort, he's got two or three issues. It's more than one problem and when that's the case it's best not to take any risks".

He's a very good player and a key one. I'm not the only one who says that, he's been here for five seasons and has done some really good things during that time. He's a cool-headed player and he doesn't allow the pressure to get at him.  He's one that I've always liked. There's talk and there will continue to be talk about Toni and other players". 


"All of the players that are here are good and important ones. The only thing that I'm going to say is that there will be changes. Because those changes won't be made now but at the end of the season means that all will be revealed then. We'll see the changes and the players who're going to stay on. I'm going to use Toni in these games. It's got nothing to do with how much he has played this season, I wanted to take a look at other players and Toni is a very good player".

Conversations with the players about their futures
"I'll be having those conversations but not for the time being. We've got games at the moment and have seven more to go. There'll be time to talk about things later on. We're not going to let all of them go, but I'm not going to tell you how will be leaving".
Cristiano Ronaldo
"Cristiano's situation is one that we can't change, he's gone. We can sign any player and whoever comes in won't do all that Cristiano did. That's the way things go in life, he did some great things at this club and we were delighted with him. He's now in another chapter in his career and I'm tired of repeating myself because we're not going to win anything at the end of this season but we are going to try and finish strongly. We've got to try and finish as high up as possible and ahead of the side currently in second, who are Atlético, that's our aim".

Copa del Rey elimination against Leganés
"That was really hard for me, it was a failure. It was a very painful defeat because after having won the first leg, I didn't like the manner of our defeat that night".

"He's only joined this year, he's a young player and I want to see him back before the season's over. He's doing fine and he's training out on the grass and is taking things slowly. He'll be back with us soon".

There are a lot of players here that we could make money on because they're all really good. There are many clubs that want to sign Madrid players, that's nothing new. Isco is an important player, I like him and we'll have to see what happens next season. You know what I think of Isco, I'm not going to say any more about him". 

Possible Champions League reform
"I don't know what's going to happen in the future. There are a lot of rumours out there, but I've always thought that it's tough to qualify for the Champions League. Getting the chance to play in the competition for a club that's never tasted it before is magnificent. As for the changes, we'll have to see what happens... there's got to be a balance and we'll have to see how things pan out".

Potential of English sides
"I don't believe that the Spanish clubs' winning cycle is over, but the English teams are certainly doing their best to win it this year. Their league is progressing, their coaches offer something new and bring experience. However, I don't think that the Spanish game is going to lose its position in the standings".