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Rayo Vallecano - Real Madrid

Vallejo: "We have to go in to the remaining games fully motivated"

NEWS | 28/04/2019

"We've got to put our heart and soul into the remaining games", declared Llorente.
After the match against Rayo Vallecano, Vallejo and Marcos Llorente spoke to the media. The defender said: "We came with the hope of winning. We are all at fault, we have to improve and prepare for next week and go in to the final three matches with maximum motivation to finish as high as possible".
"You don’t need motivation with this shirt, you have to go out and do things well. Nor should we have to be playing for the Champions League or LaLiga to be motivated. The passion of football is why we are players. We have to enjoy the three remaining games because it’ll be better that way. We can’t think about wins and the defeats. We have to rest and stay calm".
The penalty
"It's a play in which Javi is going to finish at the near post, I try to get in front; there is contact, but it isn’t enough to give a penalty".
Sorry to the fans
"First, I apologize to the fans. We come away feeling that Rayo have played out from the back quite easily and we haven’t done a lot of damage up the other end".
Zidane's trust
"The coach is with us until the end and is with us 100%, we’ve got great team spirit and we have to go in to what is left full of hope."

Vallejo: "In the penalty incident, there is contact, but it isn’t enough to give point to the spot".

"I try to do my best, not just in the games but in training too, and it's very important that I feel strong fitness-wise".

Llorente: "We have to put our heart and soul into the remaining games"
"The coach is the one who decides who plays. We have to give every last ounce out on the pitch, that's the only way to ensure that things work out. We've got great fans and have to reward them with wins and good performances. The target at Real Madrid is to win every game, even when you can't move up any places in the league or progress to the next round, for both ourselves and the fans". 
Final stages of season
"We want to finish in the best possible fashion and we deserve that, as do our fans. We have to put our heart and soul into the remaining games. I feel the need to win every game I play in these colours. It doesn't matter who we're up against and what's at stake for us or them. At the end of the day, we wear this badge and have to go out to win".
Starting berth
"The best players in the world are here at Real Madrid. Every game is a test, for me and everyone else".

Togetherness in dressing room
"As the gaffer says, we need to stick together, just like we do in the good times, and get through this".