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Real Madrid - Ajax

Lucas Vázquez: "Next season we'll be back for more"

NEWS | 06/03/2019 | Bárbara Jiménez

"I understand why the fans are upset and we are too", commented Kroos.
Lucas Vázquez spoke in the mixed zone in the wake of the Champions League round of 16 second-leg meeting with Ajax, with the attacker commenting: "It's time for us to apologise. We're really down and upset with how we performed out there tonight. It's too soon to say that it's the end of an era. We won the Champions League in each of the past three season. This year that won't be possible but we'll be back for more next season. We're Madrid and we've got a duty to win all of the competitions".

"It's a bit difficult to analyse things tonight whilst it's fresh and I'd have to watch the game back and see what happened. Ajax were better than us and that's how things go in football. When the opposition are better you have to admit it and work hard so it doesn't happen again".

Tough week
"Football is a sport and, at the end of the day, we're human. There are times when you do better and others when you do worse. You have to recognise that and try to get the best out of each of them. We're at a failure to explain it, we're really annoyed about being out of the Copa del Rey, the defeat in LaLiga and it's been a tough month. We'll have to try and draw some conclusions".

Lucas Vázquez: "It's nights like tonight that highlight just how tough it was to win the Champions League for three seasons in a row".

"It's nights like tonight that highlight just how tough it was to do what we did for three seasons. Nights like this prove just how tough managing to lift the Champions League for three seasons in a row was".

Kroos: “We’re disappointed”
“It is disappointing for us because we’re not used to going out of this competition so early on, but to be honest, Ajax were the better side across two games, that’s how it is. I understand why the fans are upset and we are too, but we need to remain united, we’ve seen so many great times over the last three years. The Real Madrid fans have always been with us, that’s part of football. Having won four Champions Leagues in the last five years obviously leads to higher expectations”.

"We're a good team but this week we lost all chances to win a trophy, for me, people forget past glories all too quickly. I don’t think what we did will happen again in the competition. Congratulations to Ajax, they were the better side”.

Four Champions League crowns in five years
“In Madrid people always talk about different players and other things. This has not been our best week, but we’re Real Madrid and if the trophies have slipped out of reach, perhaps people need to think back to before. Our fans will always support us after everything we have won in the last five years. We’re going to try to be a team again and get back to winning ways”.