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Espanyol - Real Madrid

Solari: "Benzema rounded off a spectacular performance"

NEWS | 27/01/2019 | Javier García (Barcelona)

“I'm taking away the team performance because we scored four goals and it was complete”, added the coach.
Solari spoke to the media in the press room at the RCDE Stadium, where he analysed the win against Espanyol and praised the great performance from Benzema: "A colleague of yours has just told me that Karim means generous, I didn’t know that. He’s a generous player in the way he plays, in his efforts and he makes his teammates better. He’s having a great year and rounded off a spectacular performance from everyone. It was enjoyable for anyone related to Real Madrid and anyone who likes football will have enjoyed it too".
"I'm taking away the team performance because we scored four goals and it was complete. We had a good first half, although they had one chance and scored. In the second half we continued to play our way. The game changed near the end due to Varane’s sending off".
The squad
“Every player in a team is crucial. A team is the sum of its parts and we need every individual to be ready to play. That’s how we’ll be competitive and win games”.

Benzema is a generous player and his efforts make his teammates better.

“We’d played some good games prior to this week too and we’ve been working well for some time. In these three games it’s true that things have fallen into place and we’ve scored goals. The whole team has put in a tremendous effort to qualify in the Champions League and the Copa”.
“We’ll assess his  discomfort this week. We hope it’s just a knock, the doctors will have a look at him tomorrow”.
Players who missed out today
“All the players who don’t play find it tough and that’s understandable. We had a man sent off and we had to readjust the defence”.