Clausura del curso de entrenadores de la Fundación Real Madrid

The International Football Training Course comes to a close

NEWS | 07/11/2018

Coaches from five different geographic areas received a diploma after five days of training.
The Real Madrid Foundation's International Football Training Course has come to a close. At the closing ceremony, coaches received a diploma after five days of training in implementing the methodology Por una educación Real (For a Real education): Values and Sports. Coaches from Luena (Angola), Croydon (UK), Bahrain, Trichy (India) and Yakima (USA) shared their knowledge in order to help develop skills to be used in respective schools, mainly to help boost people's different capacities.

Rafael García Cortés, director of the Foundation's football schools, gave out the diplomas to the coaches who took part in the third edition of the International Football Training Days. Rosa Roncal, director of the Foundation's International department, congratulated the coaches because “they have the responsibility to make sure every child in the socio-sporting schools develops in an integrated manner”.

The schools, in collaboration with Fundación Esperanza y Alegría and Roadis in India, Manos Unidas in Angola, the Royal Charity Organization in Bahrain, Central Washington University and Microsoft in the USA and The Cedars School in the UK, help more than 1200 children.