Eibar - Real Madrid

Solari: “We didn’t play at all well and we’ve got to work hard to resolve it”

NEWS | 24/11/2018 | Javier García (Éibar) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez (Éibar)

“Recent games have given us reason to be optimistic and positive", said the Real Madrid coach.
Santiago Solari spoke to the press following the final whistle in the game against Éibar at Ipurúa and said: “Many things happened. First and foremost, they had a great game and we didn't at all. We had chances to score but failed to do so. Then they scored in a transition from a corner and we must fix that element of our game, but the second goal really hurt us".

Éibar played with real heart and that was clear for all to see. They played extremely well and we couldn't match them. There were details that tipped it in their favour which I don't want to get into because that's for us to discuss. We have to congratulate them on a quality, complete performance".

Guilty parties?
“Blaming or picking out individuals doesn't get you anywhere. We weren't good enough, we know we have to correct things, we didn't perform at all well and we have to rethink a few elements. We came in off the back of four wins, there were positive aspects to be taken, we did some things well and we have to focus on those”.

Los jugadores trabajaron y pusieron lo que tenían.

“Obviously the dressing room is not jumping for joy after a defeat. Recent games have given us reason to be optimistic and positive".

"I don't think it was a problem with attitude. The players worked hard and gave it all they had. Not one of them has given it anything less than 100%. We lost little battles which end up taking their toll. It's a very tough place to come and we weren't able to get the better of them”.

The midfield
“Drawing conclusions from a single game doesn't make any sense. I look at our last five games and try and take things from that”.