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Real Madrid - Leganés

Ramos: “We did a lot of things very well"

NEWS | 01/09/2018 | Barbara Jiménez

"We head off for the international break delighted with the nine points so far", said Kroos.
Sergio Ramos scored from the spot once again in the home win over Leganés, as the team looked like a well-oiled machine: “We approached the game pretty well. We had time to study our opposition all week and we put in a complete performance. We did a lot of things right and controlled the game well. In terms of goals, it’s a good sign to see the team like this, long may it continue”.

“It’s a very long season and it’s important that the team stays focused. We all have to be available to the coach when we’re needed. We saw today how the substitutes came on with real hunger, with the intensity and desire demanded by this badge. The way to go is take things game by game and keep putting points on the board”.

“After Cristiano I was the second taker and so now I’ve taken his role on. I am delighted to be able to contribute with goals as well. As long as I score I know Benzema won’t mind me taking them”.
“We always say that Real Madrid holds its doors open for great players. Courtois is a top-class keeper, he has shown that over his career, but you cannot overlook what Keylor has done over the years. Competition like this makes the squad better, that is a positive. Making the manager’s decisions harder is a really strong sign. All of us will get game time and chances over the course of the season”.

Asensio: "It's crucial that we all play at our best in order for the team to function".

“The VAR took the edge off our celebration, but the more technology we have to help us, the better. The goal was ruled out but thanks to VAR it stood. We had to suffer in the past, but I think this will improve things for everyone involved”.

Kroos: “We wanted to get off to this kind of start”
“This is the start to the season we wanted. It wasn't easy, especially in the first half but we've taken the three points and we head off into the international break. I think we saw two very different halves. In the first we struggled a bit, we lacked rhythm. We started brightly but the equaliser knocked us off our stride. We changed in the second half. We came out strong, played much better and scored goals a a result”.

“Bale and Benzema are playing brilliantly, but so is everyone else. Their goals are important, but they'll only score if everyone does their job and we're managing that so far. The most vital thing is to win games and having nine points after three games”.

Asensio: “We’re playing at a decent level”
“We’re pleased to pick up another win and to have played more good football. It’s all about putting points on the board and we go away satisfied. The fans’ support was superb from the off, we’re looking great on a collective level and we hope we can keep up this impressive pace”. 
“I’m working hard and things are paying off, the team are getting the results. The important thing is that we all give our best so that things go right. I mentioned to Ramos I’d happily take a penalty, but it is good that he takes responsibility and he is taking them well, scoring them, that is the important thing. LaLiga is long, we need to focus on our game and keep moving forward”.