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Reyes: “Winning the tenth European Cup is a wonderful feeling”

NEWS | 20/05/2018 | Edu Bueno (Belgrade) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“In the Final Four we've beaten the best team from the Regular Season and the reigning champions”, added Tavares.
Real Madrid won the tenth European Cup at the Stark Arena in Belgrade and captain Felipe Reyes explained the feeling of being European champions: "Winning the tenth European Cup is a wonderful feeling and now it's time to celebrate with our great fans. In moments like this I think about the fans, my family, my parents and all the people who love me and have supported us".
"It's a beautiful title that we've been chasing for a long time. The tenth European Cup is here and tomorrow we’ll celebrate with all the fans. Next weekend we're going for the European Cup in Football".
Tavares: "God had prepared something very big for us"
"It's my first European Cup and I'm very happy about it. I knew that after losing the Copa del Rey, God had prepared something very big for us. "

Llull: “We all played our part in becoming champions of Europe again”

“We had it really tough this season and in the Final Four we beat the reigning champions and the best team of the season”.

Llull: “The key is our unity”
“We have had tough matches but we have believed in ourselves. We all play our part to become champions of Europe again. We are really happy and have not taken it in. You can never imagine being here celebrating this EuroLeague title. This is down to the players, the key is unity and we all get on well”

Ayón: “Our mettle out there on the court was essential”
"It was a tough year and this is great for us. We were confident and this has been our best moment, getting on well, being united. Thompkins’ block was key. I’ve won the European Cup twice in four years and that feels spectacular for me. Our mettle out there on the court was essential to win this Final Four".

Radoncic: "Real Madrid is on top of Europe again"
"It's a title that we all deserve. It’s down to teamwork and the enormous sacrifice of everyone. Real Madrid is on top of Europe again. This team has given me everything and I want to win titles here for years to come. I’ll not forget the images from today in all my life".