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Real Madrid - Fenerbahçe

Causeur: “We are European Champions and could not be happier”

NEWS | 20/05/2018 | Edu Bueno (Belgrade) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

"This team is like a family. I have never felt anything like this before", admitted Thompkins.
Fabien Causeur was key as the Whites won their tenth European Cup. The French forward, who netted 17 points in the final against Fenerbahçe, spoke at the end of the game: "We won la Décima and we could not be happier. It was tough, but we have done very well in the Euroleague. I'm going to watch this game back many times again, we are European champions and this will always be remembered. I'm proud of what we've done this year."

"This is a dream come true. We’ve done an incredible job this season and we deserve it more than anyone else. I wanted to come here to play the Final Four and we won it. It’s been a difficult year, but we’ve overcome everything. Everyone has contributed this season and we’ve won it as a team. We’ve gone out to win and put our heart in to it and when you want it more than the other team you usually win".
Thompkins: "We fought but we were the better team"
"It's been a hard, arduous year, but this team is like a family. I have never felt anything like this before. I love this club. We fought a lot, we were the better team and we took the trophy home. It is very difficult to win a European Cup, so imagine having won ten. We are bringing the title back to Madrid."
Campazzo: "We had to suffer, but we are the champions"
"This was even harder than Friday. Despite the injuries we picked up, we all felt like we were part of this. The chemistry that we have is very difficult to recreate and we achieved it from the start of the season. The feeling that everyone has is that we are really happy. We had to suffer, but we are the champions."

Randolph: "It was a tough battle and we’ve come out as the champions"
"We’re very happy to have won a big title. We played the best basketball and everyone did their job. Winning this title is very difficult and only Real Madrid has won 10 European Cups. The final was a very hard battle for 40 minutes and we’ve come out as the champions".

Yusta: "We gave everything to win this EuroLeague"
"This EuroLeague has been very difficult. We had a lot of bad luck with injuries all year, but in the end we gave everything to win it. This is an incredible group, in which we all know how to work as a team. Real Madrid is the best team in Europe and you have to know how to wear this badge".