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Thompkins: “This Maccabi team has many different facets”

NEWS | 04/01/2018

“We are hoping for a great atmosphere in the WiZink Center”, indicated Laso.
Trey Thompkins and Pablo Laso spoke to the press before Real Madrid's game against Maccabi. The American said: "This Maccabi team has many different facets, they are moving in the right direction, with people who can score, they have athletic players in all positions but, above all, their inside game is great. To beat them we will have to do a lot of things well but I think the most vital thing will be that our defense does not let Maccabi to score easy points. "
"They can run, they are rapid, strong, powerful ... and, if you let them get into the game and keep it at their pace, it will be very tough to stop them. We have to be hard and consistent over the forty minutes because, in attack, we can do many things and we can do something different since we have a very versatile squad with players who, from different positions, are able to score and play at the top level. If we play as a unit and help each other from start to finish, we can defeat any team."

Laso: “Maccabi have a distinct style of play”
“Maccabi have a distinct style of play: they are athletic, they go straight to the hoop, they have good two on one players like Roll and their inside play in the Tel Aviv game really hurt us, especially on that rebound, that is something we simply have to control tomorrow”.

“We are playing our first home game of the year, in a classic Euroleague tie against Maccabi on a night as special as Three Kings Day here in Spain. We are hoping for a great atmosphere in the WiZink Center and hope the fans get behind us. We will try to play our best game to get a win”.