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Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramos, Marcelo, Modric and Kroos make the FIFA FIFPro World11 2017

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NEWS | 23/10/2017 | Alberto Navarro (London)

Real Madrid are the best-represented side in this Dream Team.
Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos all earned a place in the FIFA FIFPro World11 2017, which was revealed during The Best Awards in London. Ronaldo, who occupies one of the three forward berths in the line-up, takes his place in this Dream Team, which is voted for by fellow professionals, for an 11th straight year.

Meanwhile, Ramos made the cut for an eighth successive year, after being included in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Marcelo features in the line-up for a fourth time, whilst Modric and Kroos have been recognised on three previous occasions. The rest of the FIFPro World11 2017 team is made up by: Gianluigi Buffon, Leonardo Bonucci, Dani Alves, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi and Neymar.
Cristiano: "There's a lot of work that goes in to this award"
"I feel very proud. There's a lot of work that goes in to this award. I'm delighted to be here for an 11th year, that's a great number of years. Many thanks to all of those who voted for me, I really mean that. If you've got talent but don't work hard, it's worth nothing".

Ramos: "The important thing is to have a good team"
"The secret to this is work, sacrifice and effort and not to tire of winning and apart from that, you need to have a good team, that's the important thing if you're to win individual accolades. It's a special night. The team prizes are always the most important ones, but it's great to fill your trophy cabinet at home with some individual awards".

Cristiano Ronaldo takes his place in the Dream Team for the 11th time in his career.

"I dedicate this one to my teammates, the coach and the Real Madrid fans. There's a lot of work that has gone into this. I enjoy what I do, football is my life".

Marcelo: "I'm going to keep working hard"
"We work really hard all season. Many thanks for this. I'm going to continue to work very hard. This prize drives me on to improve every season, every day and in every training session. Let's hope that this year will be even better, that's our aim. I've earned my place in the team with the help of my teammates and I want to thank them for this and I also wish to thank my family. There's a lot work that goes in to this, a lot of help from the gaffer and the physios. This is an individual award, but without the team, you win nothing".

Kroos: "We had an incredible season"
"We had an incredible season. We've earned some significant awards, but it's all about the whole team and not just those of us that are here".

Modric: "Let's hope we keep this standard up"
"I feel very happy and proud to be here for a third year in a row. It's easy to pick one game and a title out from last season. First and foremost I'd point to the work I put in, because I had to recover from injury and I managed to do so and come back in shape. For me the title would be LaLiga, which after having gone five years without winning it, was special. The season gets a 10/10, we can't ask for any more and let's hope we keep this standard up in the coming years. I'm in good form and want to keep working hard".