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Marcelo: “I am really proud to be part of the history of Real Madrid”

NEWS | 14/09/2017

“I really am happy and lucky, I want to be here for many years”, stated the left-back.
After signing a contract extension with Real Madrid until 2022, Marcelo spoke to the press at the Santiago Bernabéu press room: “I am really proud to be part of the history of Real Madrid. I am happy and feel truly blessed to be at such a great club. It feels incredible to have spent ten years here knowing that I have another five ahead of me. It is a real dream come true and both my family and I are really pleased”.

“I used to watch Real Madrid on TV. The club has always been a colossus, but it was only when I arrived that I started to learn about the club's values, that the club helps some of the world's neediest people, and that made see things differently, it is not just a big club, but a real institution”.

His Idol
“Roberto Carlos really helped me when I first arrived, he made things easier for me: he took me home to meet his family, gave me his telephone number… That is something quite unexpected when a new player arrives and will be competing for your position in the team. He helped me a great deal and still gives me advice. Apart from being my idol, he has become a friend to me”.

The future
“I would have loved to play for Castilla. It would have been a real honour to help out the youth team. I really feel like a youth team graduate because I have been here so long. I want to be here for many years to come. You never know what will happen, but I'm really happy at Real Madrid, I want to give my absolute all to help the club over the next five years and hope that it will not be the end. It is difficult to talk about the future”.

I have matured a lot at this club and have learned a great deal over the years 

“I am proud of what I do in every training session and match. I am a Real Madrid player, and when I lose I suffer just like the fans. I have the unique opportunity to be a fan and play for the team as well”.

Key moments
“I always remember when I first arrived. My family has grown since then and I have more drive than ever. I have matured a lot and have learned from others. I have had some great moments, but for me the best moment, other than winning titles, is waking up each day to see that my family are happy. The hardest times wee when the club would call to say that I wouldn't be playing, which is normal given my lack of experience at the time, but the support of my family kept driving me forward”.

His grandfather
“I always think of the good times with my grandfather. I didn't have one bad mometn with him. Looking back those were the best times. He would be thrilled to see my family growing as it has done, to see how I'm doing here and spending ten years at Real Madrid. I am so grateful to him”.

The coach
“Zidane is the best coach I have worked under. With just one look from him I know what to do, as do many other players. In a short period, he was able to bring together a group full of big names and gel us together, make us a team. That is no mean feat”.

“I had the experience of Roberto Carlos behind me, so I learned an enormous amount and now, with Theo, I am trying to do a similar thing. he is a great player Everyone wants to help him but I prefer to chat to him off the pitch in order to help him on the pitch. Asensio is another one who has a really bright future, but I don't like to speak much about the younger players because in doing so we create expectations and that can be detrimental. We all try to help each other”.

“I have played against and alongside some exceptional players, but I would say that Cristiano is the most complete player I have seen. The trickiest opponent I have faced, one who was has been a real handful for me, is Neymar”.  

“I have goals that I want to reach. I always want to improve and learn, I'd love to win the World Cup with Brazil. It will be difficult, but I believe we are on the right track”.