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Zidane: “We’re not going to change the way we play at the Calderón”

NEWS | 09/05/2017

“We’re wrong if we think we’ll go through just because we’ve won two finals”, added the Whites’ coach,
Zidane spoke to the media at the Real Madrid City. The Whites coach explained how the team is going in to the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Atlético: "We’ll try to go in to the game as we have been doing so far. You have to go out on to the field, try to play and do your best to win the game. Our idea doesn’t change and our way of playing is always to give our best. The message to the players is to continue on the path that we’re on and give everything out on the field. We're not going to change the way we play".
"I only focus on what we have tomorrow. Things from the outside don’t interest me. The players and I are only thinking about the game. Atlético will have their weapons and we have to try to continue on our path, which has got us to where we are. We have to give our all from the first minute, we’re clear about that".
The future
"The injustice would be to not do our best to get to where we are. After nine months, the players work every day with incredible professionalism. But you have to show it every three days in the games. We are fortunate enough to be able to show that we are doing well and tomorrow we must continue to do so. Injustice or failure is not giving the maximum. We’re giving everything we have inside us".
Goal scoring run
"Why am I going to think that we’ll not score tomorrow? We’ll try to play and score, as always".
Mosaic and signings
"The signings will be seen later, it's not the time to talk about things like that. I’m only thinking about tomorrow's game. What happens among the fans is between them. We’re not going to be able to fix it. They’re things between them and I’ll not comment on it".


"The history of this club can’t be ignored. That helps prepare for big things. It’s a big extra for us and tomorrow is another game where we can demonstrate it. We want to try to do everything we can to get to the final".
"Nacho is a centre back but he can play in any position in the defence and he's done phenomenally well. Pepe is fine, we’ll see what the squad is, and Varane has also trained without any problems. We're all ready except the players you know about".
Two finals won
"Whatever happens, we have to turn up and perform. We won two finals but that’s in the past. Tomorrow we’re playing a different game. Everyone has their strengths and we’re going to show what we’re doing. Having won two finals doesn’t mean that we're going to win. If we think like that, we’re wrong".
The importance of the coach and players
"We’re all in the same boat, along with the fans. It's the end of the season, everything is to play for and this club likes it like that. Every game is a final and tomorrow we’ve got another. Then we’ll have three league games left to play".
First leg
"I don’t think there's going to be an attitude problem. In football you always have to play and you have to put in an excellent performance to get through. We need to go in to the game composed and think that it’s another game of football. We talk a lot about controversial things, but it's just a football match, that's all".
"We have an incredible squad. It’s a credit to all the players, who are extraordinary and very professional. I try to be the one who drives the boat and say that we always have to give our best, starting with me".