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Real Madrid C.F y Caixabank firman un acuerdo de patrocinio

Real Madrid and Caixabank reach a sponsorship deal until 2020


NEWS | 02/03/2017

Florentino Pérez and Gonzalo Cortázar have signed the agreement for this and three further seasons.
Real Madrid C. F. and CaixaBank have signed a sponsorship agreement which will see the financial organisation become an official club sponsor until the end of the 2019-2020 season. Real Madrid C. F. president, Florentino Pérez and Gonzalo Gortázar, Managing Director of CaixaBank, have signed up to this new deal today at the Santiago Bernabéu. CaixaBank will become official sponsor of Real Madrid C. F. as well as the club's official bank, consolidating their international position in professional football. 

Exclusive sponsorship
The agreement includes exclusive sponsorship in the banking sector for Spain, and also for Portugal, which has been a key market for CaixaBank since the 8th of February when they took hold of 84,51% of the capital of BPI bank to become the leading financial institution in these markets. In line with the model held with other clubs, CaixaBank will also benefit from the deal by way of exclusive branding rights in Real Madrid C. F.'s various sporting facilities, hospitality packages for the organisation’s clients and publicity in the club's communication channels. 

CaixaBank has agreements with 13 teams in the Primera División.

This agreement is also the culmination of the historic relationship that “La Caixa” and CaixaBank have maintained with Real Madrid C. F. as a benchmark in banking for their financial operations; as well as the collaboration in other commercial areas, such as undertaking the ticket sales service via CaixaBank cash machines in the 2003-2004 season.

CaixaBank, the bank of football teams
Some 6 years ago, CaixaBank began to implement their strategy to become the bank of football teams. By becoming the new sponsor of Real Madrid C. F., CaixaBank now has agreements with 13 football teams in the Primera División and 12 from the Segunda División.

The objective of this strategy is to take advantage of this new commercial opportunity, increase awareness of the brand and capture and ensure the loyalty of clients in an increasingly competitive environment. Therefore, through their sporting sponsorship deals – principally in football – CaixaBank is making strides in generating new business by offering its clients exclusive experiences and advantages.

Since the start of the program, CaixaBank has issued 190,000 cards linked to the sponsored football clubs, secured more than 15,000 salaries and financed 35,000 season tickets.