Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: “Villarreal defend very well as a team and we know it'll be a difficult game”

NEWS | 25/02/2017 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“It's great to play already because we've got another chance to put points on the board tomorrow”, added the Real Madrid coach.
Zinedine Zidane has appeared in the media room at Real Madrid City ahead of his side's clash with Villarreal. The Whites' coach had the following to say in the build-up to the game at El Estadio La Cerámica: “Being up against the team who have conceded the fewest goals in the league makes it even more difficult. We know they're a very good side, organised at the back, they defend well as a unit. It's great to play again tomorrow after the game on Wednesday because we've got another opportunity to put points on the board and that's exactly what we want to do”.

“I've not got the feeling that this is a particularly crucial game. Nothing is going to be decided until the end. Last year we were a long way behind and we were fighting until the final game. In football, you never know what's going to happen and you've got the chance to pick up points in every game. We missed the opportunity on Wednesday and tomorrow we'll try and succeed against a very tough opponent. We've got some difficult games before the end of the season”.

Line-up at El Estadio La Cerámica?
“You'll find out who is going to play tomorrow. Pepe will be with us, and Nacho as well. With the exceptions of Varane, with his injury, and Danilo, with his problems, we're all ready for Villarreal”.

“It was a great opportunity to pick up points, we didn't manage to do so and that's it. There's nothing more to it. We have to be thinking about tomorrow's game and we've got another chance to get the three points. What happened, happened. Before the Valencia game we'd won four games in a row. We have to improve things as always, because this is a long-run thing and for every team who plays against us, it's their biggest clash of the year. Real Madrid inspires extra motivation and we must have that in mind”.

“We started very well with the ball but we made two mistakes and they scored two goals. We showed great attitude. We have to show more concentration at the key moments, there will always be periods when your opponent will make life difficult. I always say that the start and the end of the game are extremely important”.

“That game is in the past and I'm more interested on focussing on Villarreal”.

“The key is to make sure it doesn't happen again. In football, even if you work hard, there are times when the opposition will cause you problems. We could have been better with and without the ball. I've watched the game two or three times but that's it now. That game is in the past and I'm more interested on focussing on Villarreal”.

Keylor Navas
“I really trust him. We can't control comments coming from outside and he's used to dealing with that. We can all do better. I trust him and all of my players. In football, you have to work hard and that the way it is”.
“I can't control what happens there. We'll watch the game, that's it. What we can control, is what we are doing on the pitch. Whatever the result, we'll have to deal with it”.

“He's back at 100% He's been training at full pace with us for a few days now and he's 100% fit”.

Comments about Benzema from the president of the French Football Federation
“Karim has been waiting for that kind of public support for a long time. It's a positive thing for him and in my opinion he's one of, if not the best French player, and not just because he plays in my team, but it's what I really believe. He can offer different things to the national team”.

Rescheduled Celta match
“That match can't be played at the moment. Both teams are involved in European competition and we'll see when it can be played at a later date. We're going to have to play it, we know the game is still to come, but the important thing is tomorrow's match against very good opposition”.

Varane's injury
“It's a big loss. He's played a lot of minutes and he's a very important player, as he's demonstrated with his performances. He won't be with us for a while, but I hope he gets back fit soon. He'll be out for a decent period of time but we have to consider that we've got other players available who are raring to go. We're not happy about the injury but there's nothing we can do about it”.
“I'm very happy with the work he's doing. When everyone's available, the squad is only 18 players and some have to miss out. I'm pleased with him and he'll get some playing time”.