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Entrevista a Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo: "I will give my best and fight for this shirt as always"

INTERVIEW | 08/11/2016

"Extending my contract for five years with the best club in the world is unique and caps the best year of my career", added the Portuguese forward on Realmadrid TV.

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to Realmadrid TV after signing his contract extension until 2021. The Portuguese forward reiterated his commitment to the club and showed his happiness at the renewal: "The club is in my heart and, as I said, I want to finish my career here. There is no better club to play for. I'm going to give my best and fight for this shirt as always".

  1. How would you describe your happiness right now?

    It's a very important moment in my professional life. Extending my contract for five more years with the best club in the world is a unique moment. The club is in my heart and, like I said, I want to finish my career here. There is no better club to play for. I thank the president, the fans and my colleagues because it has been a year full of emotions and important titles. Obviously, it could culminate in being the best year of my career.;

  2. You have won everything with Real Madrid. What do so many titles mean for you?

    It means a lot. Being at the best club in the world you have to think that you have to win everything. You have to have that ambition and belief. For me, it is an honour to wear this shirt and I want to win things for the next five years, important titles like the Champions League, League, Cup, Club World Cup...I want to win every year because winning is the most important thing in football.;

  3. You have scored 372 goals for Real Madrid. What does it feel like to score a goal wearing this shirt? Could you choose one?

    It is a privilege to score goals for this club. It is very difficult to choose one goal. I have scored a lot of important goals. Maybe it's not the goal you're expecting, but it was decisive. The penalty in the last Champions League. It is not the typical goal, but it was very important.;

  4. What does Zidane mean to you?

    He is a player who is part of the history of Real Madrid and he is now the first team coach. I admired him as a player and today I admire him as a person and as a coach. I have a special affection for him. It was in his first year and winning the Champions League was something spectacular for him on a personal level, a dream come true. After winning the Champions League, we talked and there were special moments and it was fun after winning a game as exciting as that final. We were both very excited.;

  5. 2016 has been a perfect year for you. How do you feel about this season?

    After the most beautiful year of my career, with the Champions League, the Euros and the renewal, it has been a perfect year. Now I want to continue by winning the League, the Champions League...Now we have the Club World Cup. I want to win trophies and that's why I want to stay at this club to win more.;

  6. There is one thing that everyone admires about you, you are always helping others. How important is this caring side for you?

    For me it is a privilege to be able to help others. Obviously we cannot please and help everyone, but whenever we can, we decide to do important things. It is important not only to me but also to other people.;

  7. You're the best player in the world. How do you teach children values such as effort or sacrifice to achieve success?

    It is a responsibility. People think sometimes that I'm not human, but I am. I have my good moments and my less good moments. My ambition is always to react because after a less good moment, the good moments come. I try to leave a good impression both on and off the pitch. That is my approach and it hasn’t gone badly for me.;

  8. What message would you send to the madridistas at this special moment?

    It has been a top year at a collective and individual level. Many thanks to everyone for helping me to be who I am and for these seven years at Real Madrid. I will give my best and fight for this shirt as always. I hope that in the next game we are all together and we can win a lot of trophies. Hala Madrid!.;