Hecking: "Real Madrid and the Bernabéu command our respect"

NEWS | 11/04/2016

“We'll be trying to surprise them with our play”, declared Guilavogui.
Dieter Hecking and Joshua Guilavogui faced the media at the Bernabéu press room on the eve of the Champions League quarter-final second-leg showdown (Tuesday, 8:45pm CEST). The Wolfsburg coach explained that: "I think that Real Madrid are the favourites, and if you look at the history of both clubs, then that's obvious. Over the two legs, they're the favourites, but our job is to make sure that the favourites don't triumph".

"Real Madrid will need to call on all of their legacy to overcome Wolfsburg, and I think that they're going to have to put in quite some effort to do so. We know that Real Madrid and the Bernabéu are mythical and they command our respect, we have a great deal of respect towards them, but I think that we too have earned some respect after the first leg".

"We did a lot of good things in the first leg and it would be great if we could reproduce them here. Zidane is starting out as a coach and I'm sure that he'll have been thinking about this game a lot and he'll make life tough for us. Tomorrow it could be him that surprises me. It'll be a very interesting battle between the two coaches".

The atmosphere inside the Bernabéu
"I don't think that it'll be important. Everyone refers to it, but the most important thing is the football, and that's what we're here for. That there's going to be 80,000 Real Madrid fans here tomorrow isn't something that bothers us much".

Hecking: “We're aware that we can make history".

"In the first leg, they were a bit taken a back, but I don't think the same thing will happen tomorrow. They'll try to get their noses in front as early as they can, but if we get a goal, that'll make their task all the more difficult.The Real Madrid squad is amongst the best in the world and tomorrow we're not going to be able to dictate everything, and we may well make some mistakes. We need to do our best to try to make the fewest mistakes possible".

League position
"Everyone knows that in the league our performances haven't been perfect, but the Champions League is making up for that. We're aware that we can make club history and that's more than enough motivation for us".

Guilavogui: “We'll try to surprise them”
"We performed very well in the first leg, but tomorrow it's a different setting and here at the Bernabéu we'll need to do a lot more. We must follow the coach's instructions if we are to make it into the history books".

Following Atlético's lead
"I haven't spoken to the Atlético players. They've got their own playing style and ours is different to theirs, we can't go basing things on how they play. We'll be trying to surprise them with our play".