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Entrevista a Casemiro

Casemiro: "Wolfsburg defend well, they've got fast players and we must respect them"

INTERVIEW | 04/04/2016

"In this round there are no easy teams. We know that it will be a difficult game there", he said in an interview for the media at UEFA.

Casemiro gave an interview to the official UEFA media where he went over the current situation at the club and Real Madrid's upcoming Champions League quarter-final match against Wolfsburg. "In this round there are no easy teams. We know that it will be a difficult game there. Wolfsburg defend well, they've got fast players in attack and we must respect them".

  1. How special is the Champions League for you?

    It was always a dream to play in this competition and today I’m doing it with Real Madrid. So every time that I play in it I enjoy it as much as possible because I'm fulfilling a dream.

  2. In the quarters you come up against Wolfsburg, how do you see the tie?

    In this round there are no easy teams. We know that it will be a difficult game there. Wolfsburg defend well, they've got fast players in attack and we must respect them. But we will respect them playing our football, playing well and being Real Madrid.

  3. You signed for Real Madrid at 20 years old, can you explain what it's like to leave your family and friends and move to another country?

    It wasn't easy. Things in Brazil are more difficult and my youth wasn't any different. I'm from a humble family and every time I go out on to a field I think about my family. First of all I came to play in the reserves and to make it in to the first team it depended on how things went for me. But I was always very confident. I was sure that I wanted to win and I wanted to play for my family, to help them. I always thought about giving my best.

  4. What did you change when you arrived at Real Madrid? Did you have to improve your game, or your physical state and mentality?

    Clearly it's different to Brazil. But my mentality hasn't changed much. I left Brazil with the mentality of wanting to win and play. This hasn't changed today. I always keep my head up and I want to give my best... When I get up every day, I try to do my best.

  5. In 2013/14 you were part of the team that won la Décima. What did it feel like to win it?

    I didn't have a key role in the team but I knew that my moment would come. The coach always said that we were all important, whether we played 90 or 30 minutes. And thanks to God that happened in Dortmund, I save those 25 or 30 minutes in my memory. When I went out on to the pitch everything went perfectly, just how I wanted. It was 25 minutes but I'm sure that with my work I helped the team in that moment. So I felt very important with la Décima, something that I always wanted.

  6. You were on loan for a year in Porto, how important was that in your development?

    I knew that I needed to play. It was a good decision and both Porto and Lopetegui behaved sensationally with me. I can only thank them because I learnt a lot, it was a year where I had to work a lot and put in a lot of effort and I received a lot of affection.

  7. This season you have started six of the eight Champions League matches, has that given you confidence?

    When I left Porto, I knew that I wanted to return to Real Madrid and play. Naturally there is a lot of competition for places but I felt that I was ready because I had learnt a lot. My teammates and the coaching team know that they can count on me. The club, the coach and the players are helping me a lot. It's being a good experience for me. I have to keep working because there is a lot to play for the in the Champions League and I'm enjoying this competition as much as possible.

  8. Last season you told us that you admired Zidane, what's it like to work with him and what have you learnt?

    Zidane was one of the best players that I have seen. Now as a coach, I try to learn as much as possible from him. He knows a lot because he was an exceptional player. He's on the way to being a great coach. He's doing a good job, he has many things that he transmits to the group and without a doubt he has the respect of all the players.