Levante - Real Madrid

Pepe: "The team showed character and worked a lot"

NEWS | 02/03/2016 | Alberto Navarro (Valencia) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

“I am happy with the win and to be in the starting XI", stated Mayoral.
Pepe returned to the starting XI at the Ciudad de Valencia Stadium after recovering from an injury and he had the following to say about the win against Levante: "The team worked really hard, from the keeper to Borja Mayoral. We showed character, which is what the fans ask of us. Lucas did great work in the first and second half too, attacking and defending, as did Casemiro, who had not played in a while. It is normal to have injury niggles given how much we pressured and committed".

"Our fans ask us to give all we have, regardless of who we are playing. In the odd game we may have eased off, but the team showed that this was a very difficult game. Levante have a good side, despite battling in a different area of the table, they battle and we came here with a lot of pressure, but we got a good result".

“I have recovered. I got injured a long time ago and I had been playing with discomfort. The manager decided I should stop because he needed me for the end of the season. I think that I have recovered and I missed being in the side".

Mayoral: “Cristiano has helped me a lot"
"I don't think they awarded me the goal in the end, but I said to the referee to see if I could claim it, that it was my first goal and I was excited. I am happy with the win and to be in the Real Madrid starting XI. It was a difficult game and we approached it with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. We are Real Madrid and we will approach every game with the same desire".

Lucas: “The side showed courage and their true nature".

“When Zidane gave the talk he told me I was starting, that I should stay relaxed and calm and work as I know how to. He told me to help the teammates and keep working as I am doing. My team is Castilla and I am here to help my teammates and make my little contribution and do what is necessary".

Advice from Cristiano Ronaldo
“He told me to play like against Atlético, to help the others and to work in defence and attack. He helped me a lot".

Lucas: “This is how we have to continue"
“The derby defeat was a tough blow but we are professionals and resolve everything in the dressing room. Today is a good example, this is how we have to continue. It was a tough game and the team showed courage and their true character. By giving everything out on the pitch we managed to get a good result. The important thing was to get a win and now we have to think about the next game".

Being united
“The players have to be united, know that if we perform at our top level we will achieve the targets. I am happy with the game and to help the side as much as I can".

Navas: “We had a serious game"
“We want to keep going like this. They were not easy opponents and we played a serious game. We got the win, which was important for us. The team have the mind-set to know we have to win every game".

Return to the Ciudad de Valencia Stadium
“Coming to this stadium always brings back nice memories. I experienced things here that I cannot forget. Today I came with another shirt on, giving everything for the club I am at, but it is always nice to return. I have to thank the Levante fans".

Mayoral's performance
“We congratulated him. He is a young guy that works well and has a lot of potential. He has our support and should enjoy this moment a lot. He has to keep moving in the same direction and he could go far".