El Real Madrid ofrece la Copa del Rey

Llull: “This team continues to make history”

NEWS | 22/02/2016

“This Copa del Rey win gives us the confidence to go on and win more titles”, insisted Reyes.
The Real Madrid roster expressed their delight during their visits to the City Hall and the Community of Madrid headquarters after winning the club's 26th Copa del Rey title: "We're very happy, this team continues to make history. This is the third successive Copa del Rey win and it's deserves to be celebrated. The best part of the season is still to come, the important part, and I think that the team is going into it in good shape, with enthusiasm and hope. We'll keep on working to win more titles this season", stated Llull.

Reyes: “We're immensely happy”
"It's been a difficult season, we've been inconsistent, but when the team has to stand up and be counted we've done so. We've got to carry on working. We're immensely happy and this Copa del Rey win gives us the confidence to keep on working and achieving much success for the Real Madrid fans".

Carroll: “It has been an incredible weekend”
"It's a day to celebrate this with the fans. It has been an incredible weekend, in which we had to fight very hard, but we've ended up bringing the Copa del Rey back to Madrid. We really couldn't be any happier. We've got a lot of hard work ahead before the end of the season but today we're going to enjoy this one".

Nocioni: “This third Copa del Rey title is a source of pride”
"What I take away from this is the team's spirit. It was a title win that wasn't straightforward and this shows the team's ability to face up to the big challenges during the season. We succeeded in performing to our best". 

Carroll: “We fought very hard and we've ended up bringing the Copa del Rey back to Madrid”.

"This third Copa del Rey title is a source of pride. It's good for the club and for us too. We're going to celebrate it with the fans, as we should. Things aren't over, there's still a long way to go and we have to keep on working hard and enjoying it".

Sergio Rodriguez: “It's a source of pride to have competed as we did”
"We're very happy to be coming to the Town Hall because it means that we've won a title. It's very gratifying and it's a source of pride to be bringing the Intercontinental Cup and the Copa del Rey. It's been a difficult season, with a lot of injuries, and it has been a long one. It's a source of pride to compete as we did and to fight as we have done in the Copa del Rey".

Ayón: “I'm very proud to have been named MVP, but even prouder to have won the Copa del Rey”
"I'm very proud to have been named MVP, but I'm even prouder to have won the Copa del Rey. We've not got long to celebrate it, tomorrow we get back down to work and we need to make the most of this time. The fans deserve it".

Rudy: “Part of this title belongs to all of the Real Madrid fans”
"I'm very happy. It's one of the competitions that I've participated in the most, it's tough being on the bench and not being able to help the team. We have to thank all of the Madrid residents and the Real Madrid fans because part of this title is theirs, for the support they give us during the whole year. They're always there for us".

Lima: “We hope to return, but the journey is going to be a very tough one”
"I feel very good and very happy. I still can't believe it. The Copa del Rey is a competition in which all of the supporters come together and the atmosphere is very special. We hope to return, but we're going to have to work hard because the journey is going to be very tough".