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Comparecencia de Florentino Pérez

Florentino Pérez holds a press conference

NEWS | 25/05/2015

“The Board of Directors have made the decision to relieve Carlo Ancelotti of his duties as Real Madrid coach”, said the president.
Florentino Pérez held a press conference in the Santiago Bernabéu's presidential box as soon as the meeting of the Board of Directors concluded. The president began his speech by saying: "I would like to announce that the Board of Directors have made the decision to relieve Carlo Ancelotti of his duties as Real Madrid coach”.

“This has been a difficult decision as you can all imagine, especially for the Board of Directors, but like I always say we are not here, at Real Madrid, to make easy decisions, but to make those that are best for this institution which is recognised globally”.

“During these two years Carlo Ancelotti has earned the affection of the Board of Directors, of me personally and of the supporters. He forms part of our history as the coach with whom we won la Décima, but as we all know, the demands are huge at Real Madrid and we believe the time has come for a change of direction that will allow us to win more titles and reach our peak competitive level ahead of a new era”.

“We have a great team and we know that through their talent and hard work we are going to bring happiness to those who are most important to us, our members and supporters. I would like to publically thank Carlo Ancelotti for his two years of service, all his hard work and the affection he has shown. And I would like to tell him that this is still his home. We would also like to announce that we will be revealing the name of the next Real Madrid coach next week”.

I want to thank Carlo Ancelotti for his two years of service, all his hard work and the affection he has shown, and also tell him that this is still his home.

Following his speech, the Real Madrid president answered questions from the press. With regards to when the decision was made to relieve Carlo Ancelotti, Florentino Pérez stated: “We reflect on this question every year once the season has finished. It was a deeply analysed decision. Before coming here I was with Ancelotti and I have to say that he is a real gentleman and he leaves here having formed good relationships with everyone”.

Difficult decision
“Of course we have analysed everything, from all points of view but this is not an easy position to hold and if we are convinced that a new impetus is needed, then we have to make that decision. After two years, the demands at Real Madrid are naturally so great and the time has come for a change that will help us towards reaching our peak competitive level”.

The squad
“We have just made the decision and we will have a chance to speak with the squad and the captains later. The players have shown their affection for Ancelotti, the same affection myself and the supporters have for him. Not only does that not upset me but I think it is a natural response to have when someone is leaving Madrid after spending a period of time here. It is gesture of fondness and affection from the players”.

His relationship with Ancelotti
“I have a enjoyed a good personal relationship with him but not in a technical capacity. I never interfere with the manager's decisions”.

“There is never a guilty party. The position of a manager is a permanent role made difficult with the passage of time. I encourage you to look at managers at Spanish sides like Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, and at foreign clubs like AC Milan, Inter and Chelsea, and you will see that it is a position that suffers regular changes”.