Real Madrid - Levante

Ancelotti: “We will travel to the Camp Nou brimming with confidence”

NEWS | 15/03/2015 | Javier García

“We will take the good first half performance and the win away with us in order to continue improving”, he added.
Carlo Ancelotti assessed the win over Levante in the Santiago Bernabéu with the press: “It was a good first half, we played well, with intensity and quality. We controlled the play and had the lion's share of the goalscoring opportunities. The tempo dropped off a bit in the second half. We were more at ease and played the ball sideways more. We lacked penetration". 

"We will take the good first half performance and the win away with us in order to continue improving. I think we'll be full of confidence heading to the Camp Nou”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He is lively. The first goal was born out of his shot that was saved on the line. The second also came from a Cristiano effort. He was pivotal in both of Gareth's goals. He didn't score but he was very lively during the game”.

The returns of Modric and Ramos
“Modric and Ramos have made important contributions to the team. Modric, in terms of the quality he offers, and Ramos, in terms of personality and character”.

“Bale looked motivated and up for it to me. The entire team looked more eager and focused. Everyone understood what they needed to do. We did it for one half of the game but next Sunday we will need to do it for the whole match”.

Team morale ahead of El Clásico
“We were brimming with confidence in the first half. The second half worries me a little bit. It is going to be a different match compared with tonight's. We need to be at our best, at our best we can win”.

The presence of Modric offers more depth for Bale to join in with the play.

“The important thing was confirming that Modric and Sergio were indeed fit. We avoided picking up any bookings for Isco and Kroos. We will travel to the Camp Nou with almost a complete squad available”.

The week before the Camp Nou
“We have the chance to train well for the whole week and prepare for the match both physically and tactically. It is an advantage but Barcelona are well used to playing every three days without it causing them problems”.

Starting XI decided for Barcelona clash
"Yes, it is pretty clear for everyone. There won't be any surprises. As long as I don't lose my mind this week, there won't be any surprises. I have a few doubts about who'll play in nets… ” (laughs).

Players left out 
“It was a technical decision. I had 22 players available so three had to sit in the stands. Nacho could have played anywhere across the defence”.

Lucas Silva
“He had a great first half, like the rest of the team. He played with speed. He was more at ease in the second half and played the ball sideways more frequently. I'm certain he will be a good player for the future. He will improve because he has only just arrived, he's young and he has to get used to things here. He is a serious professional with plenty of quality”.

The Modric-Bale connection
“The presence of Modric offers more depth for Bale to join in with the play. They know each other well, they had already played together at Tottenham, and there's no doubt that Bale is more comfortable with Modric on the pitch”.