Kings of Europe

The Whites won the Champions League after an epic match against Atlético that finished 4-1 after extra time.

Nights like that the one in Lisbon on 24 May 2014 are part of the reason why Real Madrid was named the best team of the Twentieth Century. The most successful club in history returns to its rightful place after winning a tenth European Cup. Twelve years on from Zidane's volley in Glasgow, which froze time, the Whites once again reign supreme. And it was worth the wait.

The manner in which the final was won perfectly sums up Real Madrid's greatness. Firstly, the players' work leading up to the final saw them put together a perfect track record, of which their performances in Gelsenkirchen and Munich will go down in history. Secondly, because of how the game played out, with the Real Madrid players displaying the club's virtues of hard work and not throwing in the towel. And, all of that, culminated in a global celebration for Real Madrid fans.

Madrid never give up

When Real Madrid are in action, anything is possible. And the final in Lisbon was further evidence of just that. Ancelotti's men were superior but bad luck saw them still trailing 0-1 in the 92nd minute. But the grit and determination, as well as the history that embody the club's crest, were for all to see when Sergio Ramos scored with his head. Following that, Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano sealed Real Madrid's victory in extra time.


“It was a party worldwide, I've never seen scenes like the ones I saw after winning the Tenth. Real Madrid is turning into a global religion”, declared Ancelotti. And he is not exaggerating, because winning the most highly anticipated of all the trophies sparked off massive celebrations among the fans who travelled to Lisbon, the ones who watched on the big screens in the Bernabéu's, those who made their way to Cibeles, those who attended the Tenth party in the stadium, but also the supporters who watched in other parts of the world. 

A triumph for Real Madrid 
The Tenth European Cup title belongs, as Ramos said, “to all Real Madrid's fans”. A title that inspired a team to create a special atmosphere for all of their Champions League matches. “The wait was worth it“, pointed out the team captain, Iker Casillas. But Madrid never sleeps. Now the time has come to think about the Eleventh.