Acto de Casillas

Casillas: “We cannot afford any slip-ups and against Real we have to get the three points”

NEWS | 04/04/2014

“I hope it is the best season of my career and we manage to get the cup, the Champions League and La Liga”, said Real Madrid's keeper.
Iker Casillas was the star of a publicity event during which he discussed the Whites' current situation. Regarding the league match against Real Sociedad, the keeper recognised: “We'll know before the match what the teams ahead of us have done. We cannot afford any slip-ups. The match is very important because it is a difficult place to visit and we have to get all three points”.

“I hope it is the best season of my career and we manage to win the two competitions I'm playing in, and of course La Liga. At the end of the season we'll evaluate it. I don't feel bad. It's positive to reach the final of the Copa del Rey and to have the chance to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. Let's see if we can reach the final in Lisbon, which won't be easy”.

Where might Atlético and Barcelona lose in the league
“I would like them to stumble tomorrow. What I will try to do is make sure that we don't stumble. That's the idea. We worry about us and win all the points and see what happens. We know that they play each other on the last day. All the teams have a lot at stake. We're playing Celta who could be tough and an Espanyol who might be safe in our final weeks... every match in these two or three weeks is going to be important for everyone”.

“If the decision has been made not to take Ronaldo to San Sebastián it is because he can't go. If he rests it is because it is out of our hands. What he has to do is recover well over the weekend and think about the next match”.

Cristiano Ronaldo has shown over these five years that he is always there to contribute.

Iker also added: “What Cristiano has to do tomorrow is support the team and think about the Champions League”.

The incident between Busquets and Pepe in the last Clásico
“The video speaks for itself. Pepe has the support of Xabi Alonso and of all the teammates. There is a heated move and Busquets I think, from my point of view, was out of line. When I see Busquets I'll give him a clip round the ear, nothing more”.

The rotation between the sticks with Diego López
“Playing for Real Madrid day after day is always motivation in my opinion. It's whoever the gaffer decides should play each match, and in this case the gaffer decided at the start of the season that Diego would play in the league and I would in the cup and the Champions League, we have to carry on like that. Diego deserves all the team's respect and support. In the end it's good for me and the team”.

The possibility of playing a match in La Liga
“I would love you to ask me that question on the 30th of April, because that would mean that Real Madrid is in the final in Lisbon. Until then we have to keep our minds off it because we have three matches to go, first on Tuesday and then a possible semi-final”.

Diego López in the Spanish national side
“Of course. In fact Vicente del Bosque planned for him to form part of the team a few years ago. It's a decision that Vicente will take and I suppose that since the unfortunate injury of Victor he will have been watching other keepers and will have people who have kept an eye out, and will make the best decision for Spain. Of course Diego could be in the manager's plans”.

His future
“There are constant rumours but I have said this several times. I hope to stay here and finish my contract. The important thing is finishing the season and enjoying it, and we hope that it will be very positive for Real Madrid”.

How he feels for the World Cup
“I try to make the most of all the matches the gaffer gives me, for me, to see how I feel, and for the team, because I am responsible for doing well. Then we'll see what happens in Brazil”.