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Rueda de prensa de Ancelotti

Ancelotti: “We need to play with a lot of intensity and pace against Borussia”

NEWS | 01/04/2014 | Alberto Navarro

“The atmosphere in the Santiago Bernabéu will be very good and will be a big help to us”, the Real Madrid manager stated.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press one day ahead of the first leg tie in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The Italian analysed the encounter against Borussia Dortmund: “The team is doing very well and we'll need to play with a lot of intensity and pace. We are also missing important players so things will be pretty even in terms of injuries. They'll be without Lewandowski, but their playing style is always the same: compact and with dangerous transitions. They are dangerous on the break and that will be important factor in this game. We will try to play an attacking game because we need a positive result, but will be cautious with respect to them counter attacking”.

“The atmosphere around the team is good. We are looking forward to this match and will be 100% up for it. We are motivated and everyone knows how important this competition is for us. When I talk about excitement I don't just mean the players and the club, but also the excitement felt by all of Real Madrid's fans. Tomorrow the atmosphere will be very good and that will help us”.

Last year's encounter
“I watched the games and they were very strange because in the first leg Real Madrid controlled things well in the first half, but then what happened in the second half was just incredible. After that a comeback was always going to be difficult because it isn't easy to score three goals against a team like Borussia. That's the Champions League for you”.

Marcelo's injury
“We've had a slight problem with Marcelo, but Coentrão is fresh and has experience at this level. We can replace him without any complications. It won't change anything because both players can do the same job”.

Bale as a replacement for Marcelo
“That is not an option. He'll play further up the pitch. We don't have a lot of options, but saying that Nacho, Ramos and Varane can all play at full back as well. He's been a bit in and out, but that's one of the characteristics of a forward and a player of his ability and pace. Bale isn't like Xabi Alonso, whose game is based on resistance. His rotation has nothing to do with his aptitude as a player but rather his fitness”.


“Cristiano is well. He has a slight knock, but he is motivated and calm. The whistling on Saturday has been forgotten now. He didn't pass the ball to one of his team mates in time to score. That's all it was”.

A possible change of system
“The system is always the same, although from time to time it can change to accommodate the ideas of the players on the pitch. The system is the same, but we have players who can change things up in any given moment”.

Klopp and his characteristics as a coach
“I admire him a lot. He is doing a fantastic job. Last year he reached the final of the Champions League. I congratulate him because he is a coach who prepares his side excellently”.

The danger posed by Aubameyang
“I know him well because he was part of the Milan youth academy when I was there. He's enjoying a fantastic football career. He was very good last year. He is dangerous, fast and attacks well from deep. In the absence of Lewandowski, he can do a good job of replacing him”.

The quarterfinals of the Champions League
“There will be some fantastic matches because it is between the 8 best teams in Europe. It will be difficult for all the clubs to get through to the semifinals”.

Are Real Madrid and Atlético the favourites?
“What happened in the Group Stage won't be as important as what's to come. What I've said is that we started out really well. We are excited about playing well in the quarterfinals and that's all. Atlético can compete with any team”.

The Copa del Rey final
“For now tomorrow's match is the important one. There is plenty of time to go before the Copa del Rey final”.