1. Exterior design of the future Santiago Bernabéu
  2. An icon of modern football
  3. Spectacular and state-of-the-art
  4. A retractable roof
  5. A stadium that will communicate with its surroundings
  6. New commercial and leisure spaces
  7. The best stadium in the world
  8. A new entertainment concept

On the 31st of January 2014, Florentino Pérez unveiled what will be the Santiago Bernabéu of the future. On that day, the president of Real Madrid announced the winning project of the International Tender for Architectural Ideas, which was that of the joint candidature of GMP Arquitectos and L35 Ribas. Pérez explained: “Once again we must take on a challenge that will change our history. In this stadium a large part of our legend was born and our greatness will continue to grow here."

The winning design included the construction of a spectacular outer-skin which will engulf the stadium. The eastern façade will feature a giant screen that will be used on special occasions to show the interior on the outside. The skin will come alive through an LED system, allowing the Bernabéu to communicate with its surroundings.

The stadium will be equipped with the latest technology: information and communication systems, 360-degree screens positioned above the stands and state-of-the-art management systems. It will be safer and more comfortable for spectators. The project has taken into account the sustainable use of energy.

The plan includes the construction of retail, leisure and restaurant zones, a hotel and underground parking. The Bernabéu will be transformed and the museum improved. The retractable roof will allow the stadium to be used for various sporting events. Moreover, the nature of the design will allow its construction to be carried out without interrupting the normal sporting calendar.

Florentino Pérez explained: “We want the Santiago Bernabéu to become the best stadium in the world. The new twenty-first century Bernabéu will continue to be a hallowed ground and it will remain in the heart of our city and be a model and icon in world football. A Bernabéu for all our fans and members to be proud of”.