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Manchester City - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: "We didn't have it in us to play another final."

NEWS STORY. 17/05/2023

"They were superior today as we were last season," said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press at the Etihad Stadium following the Champions League semi-final second leg. The Real Madrid coach reflected: "We played against opposition who deserved to win tonight because they played with more intensity and real quality in the first half. They really paved the way to the final there. They were better than us today, like we were last season. That can happen in a Champions League semi-final.”

"We didn’t manage to implement what we’d planned. It doesn’t have to be a drama. We have lost a game against superior opposition on the night. We can’t think the attitude wasn’t right for a Champions League semi-final. It’s just a step which means we have to try and be better next year.”

The squad
"This squad did very well last year and this year. They beat City last year in the semi-final and we won the Champions League, but today we didn't have it in us to play in another final. I'm convinced that this squad will do better next season and we're already focused on the next edition of the Champions League, where we want to be top-billing again."

Assessment of the season
"It's been a good season. There are four games to go and we have to give it our best shot. Hopefully we can finish well. Reaching a Champions League semi-final is a success because only four teams can reach it. Losing a sem-final can happen."

His continuity
"The club president was quite clear 15 days ago. So nobody has any doubt. What the president tells me privately I'm not going to say here."