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Formación presencial para entrenadores de la Fundación en Tanzania

Foundation coaches in Tanzania attend in-person training sessions

NEWS STORY. 06/10/2022

Nearly 200 minors attend the socio-sporting school in Dar es Salaam, which is run in conjunction with Salesian Missions.

Coaches and educators from the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting schools in Tanzania have received training in football, basketball and values in in-person sessions delivered by staff from the Foundation's Training Department. Since 2019, 180 vulnerable participants from the Don Bosco Oysterbay Vocational Training Centre in Dar es Salaam have receiving values-based training through sport thanks to the support of Salesian Missions.

The training sessions were attended by eight coaches and educators and represented a special moment as it was the first time that in-person sessions have been since the pandemic, with these sessions complementing the online provision that was provided last season. The sessions combined football and basketball content. The training served to reinforce the participants' knowledge of the Real Madrid Foundation's educational philosophy and methodology Por una educación REAL: Valores y deporte (For a REAL education: Values and sport), while enhacing their knowledge of elements related to the comprehensive model, tactical and technical training content and values.

Supporting minors at risk
The socio-sporting school in Dar es Salam caters for minors at risk of social exclusion aged between nine and 17, who learn about values by playing football and basketball in mixed-gender groups, with the large number of girls involved representing a standout feature. In addition to the sporting activities, participants benefit from extra-curricular support classes and monitoring sessions, family support and talks and training and awareness workshops on matters relating to the right to education and personal empowerment.