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Sergio Rodríguez

Sergio Rodríguez: “I'm back home and excited to return to this great club”

NEWS STORY. 18/07/2022

"Playing for Real Madrid means fighting for every title", added the point guard from the Canary Islands.

Sergio Rodríguez is back at Real Madrid. The point guard spoke to the club's official media and shared his pleasure: "I'm really happy and excited to return to this great club. I'm really looking forward to getting started in the new season with the highest expectations placed on us at Real Madrid. I'm confident that I'll settle in very quickly. There is a very big squad, very talented and the excitement is always huge".
"To enjoy my basketball every day. I love playing, training, enjoying myself and winning, that s why we make the sacrifices. I'm really excited and always focused on my goals".
2014-2015 season
"It was a wonderful season, winning everything, it was amazing. Hopefully we can do it again, but we're aware it's difficult. The first objective is to work hard each and every day to be strong and competitive".
More experience
"I've won titles while i've been gone and experienced different things, but my desire to do the same is still the same. I'll work as hard as I can to carry on winning with this team".

"My experience abroad has helped me learn about other types of basketball and cultures. The group and family is something you miss".
"It's always special to play at the WiZink. It's always been my favourite arena. I've matured professionally being involved in important games there and it's very important to be able to go back there. I'm back home, really excited and looking forward to starting the season. I'll be waiting for everyone at the WiZink, Hala Madrid!".
"They must be small ones in order to be able to achieve the big ones later on. During the season there are several key points and we need to be ready to go to those moments when the team it at its best".
Special title
"The Euroleague is a title that is always highly sought after and important when playing for Real Madrid. I had the possibility of winning one here playing at home and I'd love to do it again. Everyone knows that playing for Real Madrid means that you have to fight for every title".