Barcelona - Real Madrid

Benzema, chosen as MVP in the Clásico

NEWS STORY. 12/01/2022

"We deserved the win because we fought right until the end," said the striker.

Karim Benzema was named Most Valued Player in the Clásico semi-final of the Spanish Super Cup. The French striker, who played the full 120 minutes against Barcelona, set up Vini Jr. for his side’s first goal and scored the second to make to 2-1 to Madrid at the King Fahd Stadium: “I’m thrilled and feel very proud. The fans were great. They give me more confidence and the strength to do what I do on the pitch and I’d like to thank all the fans here for that”.

“I don’t know if Madrid is the best team in Europe. But what I can tell you is that Madrid is the best club in the world. But we have to win trophies to be at the top”.
Was it the greatest Clásico?
“I don’t know if it was the greatest, but it was one of the tensest because it went right until the end. It was a really important game because Barcelona are tough opponents who take control of the ball, but there are loads of Clásicos and this one was great because now we’re in the final, but I don’t know if it was the greatest”.

Knock on the shoulder
"My shoulder is ok, it's just a knock. It was a very tough game. In my opinion we deserved to win, Clásicos are always very difficult to come out on top, Barcelona play good football and if you give them the ball they're not going to give it you back. I think we deserved the win today because we were on the pitch fighting from the first minute to the last".
Fatigue going into the final
"It's normal to be tired after a game. You always give everything you've got in a Clásico and we're aware that if you give them the ball just a bit, they can cause you problems and that's not a good thing. You end up running left and right, but in the end it's a good fatigue because we won and we're in the final".  Benzema received a portrait painted by the artist Mr Dripping following the press conference as MVP.